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As a bestselling author, screenwriter, and all-around massive nerd, Neil Gaiman is like a god to me. An…American God? (see what I did there?) My favorite book of his is Stardust, but I’m also a huge Sandman fan, and now that the show is here, merch has been popping up everywhere.

Since its initial release in the late 1980s, The Sandman has enthralled comic book fans worldwide. Neil Gaiman brought a new perspective on humankind, the powerful forces that control it, and how an open mind can transcend space and time.

The Sandman tells a story that spans the universe, incorporates myth and legend easily, and covers every conceivable storytelling topic. If you’re a fan of the plot, the Sandman merch guide about to unfold before you will give a new perspective on what collectibles you can buy.

Bottom Line Up Front

Listen, I want everything on this list. But my wallet would never forgive me. So, I’d settle for the Funko DEC178161 Pop! Heroes: DC Death Vinyl Figure because, from what I researched, they’re already super hard to get.

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About the Sandman

Sandman Dream
Image from Wiki Fandom

In European folklore, the Sandman is a mythical character that puts people to sleep and uses magical sand to inspire beautiful dreams.

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman was inspired by the myth of the Sandman, adding Gaiman’s personal touch to the lore. He created The Sandman comic books, and the first series ran for 75 issues, beginning in January 1989 and ending in March 1996. DC Comics published the comic books.

The events that kick off The Sandman’s narrative begin with a cult performing a ceremony in an attempt to capture Death, one of Dream’s sisters. The goal of the cultists is to gain complete power over Death so that they can live forever.

Unfortunately, their ritual does not work as well as they had hoped, and as a result, they wind up having to enclose Dream in a cage. Dream cannot escape from his cell due to the physical confines of his jail, but he retains the ability to travel through the Dreaming thanks to a set of runes carved on the ground.

August 5th, 2022, marked the premiere of Netflix’s The Sandman TV series, with Gaiman brought on board as a producer. The series tells the story of Morpheus (Dream) and follows many of the comic books’ plots. Tom Sturridge plays the lead part of the show’s namesake character.

The story has a lot of important characters, so here are some of the main ones you’ll likely find in different Sandman merch items:

  • Morpheus/Dream
  • The Corinthian
  • Death
  • Lucienne
  • Matthew the Raven
  • Lucifer Morningstar
  • Desire
  • Despair
  • Delirium

Best Places to Get the Sandman Merch

The Sandman comic books were not as popular as those with Batman, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman. Since the Netflix show was released just a few months ago, it didn’t have time to spread the knowledge of The Sandman universe.

Sadly, even if the story has extremely complex lore and raises philosophical questions, finding merch for this fandom is difficult (at least when you compare it with some of the best-selling comics out there). Here are some of the best places to look.

The Best Sandman Merch Guide

Out of all the comic books ever made, The Sandman is arguably the most original and complex story of all. I’ve drawn inspiration from it over the years, and I’ve even been told a lot of my writing is very Gaimen-esque which is one of the best things you could say to me, LOL.  It blends dark fantasy and mythology, following the story of the Dream King as he tries to fix the mistakes he made throughout his existence.

Needless to say, as the Netflix show was released, the Sandman gathered a fan base of people who love to contemplate hidden meanings from the story and collect the merch that fuels the fandom.

One could collect different categories of The Sandman merch, so let’s look at some of the most iconic and popular pieces.

Best The Sandman Apparel

Regarding The Sandman apparel, we could be talking anything from T-shirts to hoodies. If you’re looking for some Sandman-themed merch, here are some pieces I suggest looking into.

#01 Lucifer T-Shirt

Lucifer T-Shirt

When I say I screamed when I found out who was cast as Lucifer, I’m not kidding. My neighbors definitely heard it. I’m a massive fan of Gwendoline Christie from back in her GOT days, and I’ve gobbled up everything she’s done in its wake. I need this t-shirt, pronto.

#02 SolarSunrise The Sandman T-Shirt

SolarSunrise The Sandman T-Shirt

Did you know the comic draws heavily on European folklore (the Sandman) and classical Greek mythology (especially in character design)? Inspired by the Greek god of dreams and the son of Hypnos (the god of sleep), Morpheus is unusually gloomy. Even so, the story of the Sandman is a major hit due to its fantastic roots and philosophical nature. Both T-shirt and hoodie fans of the Sandman will love these unisex pieces with the logo of the Sandman.

#03 An Endless Dream T-Shirt

An Endless Dream T-Shirt

Available in 25 gorgeous colors, this comic book-style Sandman print is perfect for those who want to be caught in an endless dream. The Endless are anthropomorphic representations of the tremendous forces of nature that they embody. They consider themselves related and refer to one another as brothers and sisters. It is common knowledge that they are the offspring of the cosmic beings Night and Time.

#04 An Endless Dream Hoodie

An Endless Dream Hoodie

If you want to feel extra cozy and warm this winter, I suggest giving this Sandman hoodie a chance. It features the same image as the t-shirt above, but on an extra comfy hoodie.

#05 Death Sandman T-Shirt

Death Sandman T-Shirt

“You get what anybody gets – you get a lifetime.” is an epic quote that first appeared in the first volume of the Sandman comics, Preludes & Nocturnes, and I’m totally obsessed with it. The quote was said by Death, another Eternal and Dream’s sibling. She is Dream’s elder sister and the second oldest of the Endless.

#06 Feeding the Pigeons T-Shirt

Feeding the Pigeons T-Shirt

In the Netflix adaptation of the story, the opening of episode six (The Sound of Her Wings) starts with Dream feeding the pigeons in the park. He mulls about the destruction of his empire and the responsibilities of his vengeance mission. Even though he is more powerful than ever, he has no idea where he is going and feels completely lost. He has no feelings at all. This iconic moment is printed on this high-quality shirt.

Best The Sandman Wall Art

Like the original Sandman story arc by Neil Gaiman, the TV show will likely end with many unanswered concerns regarding the nature of this reality. Consider how most of these characters aren’t individuals so much as thoughts and purposes rendered alive, and you’ll find that the puzzle pieces fit together more readily. Enjoy some amazing wall art pieces for those who love to bring one puzzle piece into their homes.

#01 Ysirseu The Sandman Poster

Ysirseu The Sandman Poster

Metal plates and posters are becoming more popular amongst collectors or people who want to decorate their rooms differently. This is an excellent purchase if you have an entertainment or gaming room and are a fan of the Sandman. The design shows the comic version of the Sandman as sand falls through his fingers.

#02 Sandman Painting by David Mack

Sandman Painting by David Mack

If you want some Sandman wall art that stands out from the crowd, let me suggest this piece by David Mack. The mask-like headpiece held in the image, known as the Helmet of Dreams, belongs to Dream. It is one of the three symbols of power that he possesses.

#03 Death Painting by David Mack

Death Painting by David Mack

With only 750 of these prints available, you can be one of the lucky people that get this gorgeous Death painting signed by David and Neil themselves. While Howell-Baptiste’s empathetic charm adds to the character’s comedic roots, the two characters share numerous parallels in the Netflix series. In the show, Death is presented as a sympathetic character whose main concern is protecting the lives of humans.

#04 The Sandman Netflix Poster

The Sandman Netflix Poster

One of the coolest things about the Sandman Netflix series is that many people thought the comics to be unfilmable. Their narrative had an unapologetic sense of maturity, with many artists responsible for drawing, coloring, and inking these works. The fact that Sandman can now be adapted into a TV program most loyal to the source material reveals a great deal about how much the medium has progressed.

Best The Sandman Toys and Accessories

To Dream, all stories and fantasies are living, breathing entities. Even though he may disguise his appearance, he is typically portrayed as a sallow guy with dark eyes.

Throughout its duration, The Sandman switched between long story arcs and standalone episodes. However, Dream is the focus of most of the comic’s adventures, and he is often at the center of the series’ most well-known and acclaimed tales. The playful and deep lore is yours for the taking, with some Sandman toys and accessories that stand out from the crowd.

#01 Funko DEC178161 Pop! Heroes: DC Death Vinyl Figure

Death Funko

Death used to believe that she had the task of the most difficult out of all of the Endless. Even though they were terrified of her, humans went willingly into the realm of Dreams every night. Death once entertained the idea of throwing in the towel and leaving, but that was a long time ago, even before the current universe was created. Bring the kindest and most compassionate version of Death into your home with this on-point Funko!

#02 Delirium Sticker

Delirium Sticker

I love this Sandman sticker showing one of my fav characters, Delirium. It’s not inspired by the TV show but rather the comics, which is totally fine by me. Both are amazing! I love the line art and the use of color. This would look great on my emotional support water bottle.

#03 Sandman Mug

Sandman Mug

This awesome mug would make a wicked gift for someone who loves the story of the Sandman. Ahem *discreetly points at chest*. Even if they aren’t the most creatively named magical goods available, Morpheus’ toys allow him to connect with the universe in ways that regular people simply can’t. So having them on Sandman-themed merch will always make sense.

#04 Let’s Go to Hell Sticker

Let's Go to Hell Sticker

To his master’s delight, The Sandman’s Raven takes to his duty as if he were born to it. He proves to be the dependable companion Dream of the Endless first refuses to admit he needs by staying by his master’s side no matter what and cheering him on through difficult times. For fans of the story, Matthew the Raven needs no introduction. This Let’s Go to Hell sticker probably doesn’t need one, either.

#05 Sandman iPhone Case

Sandman iPhone Case

The Sandman holding the Helmet of Dreams on my iPhone? Yes, please! The helm is a nod to the original material from which Neil Gaiman’s comics were adapted and is arguably the most aesthetically distinctive piece of clothing Dream wears. Dream’s Helm has the appearance of a gas mask, which has historical significance in DC Comics. It refers to a vigilante called Wesley Dodds, who also went by “Sandman.” Wesley wore a gas mask while using sleep gas to take out bad guys.


Question: Is There a Season 2 of The Sandman?

Answer: The second season of The Sandman has yet to be announced. The pilot season of The Sandman launched on Netflix on August 5th, and it covers the first two volumes of Gaiman’s comics. I certainly hope there’s going to be more.

Question: Is The Sandman Worth Watching?

Answer: YES!! I mean…It depends on what movie genre you fancy. The Sandman is an interesting watch if you’ve read comic books or if you like interesting and perhaps unpredictable story developments. It’s great for people who love the fantasy genre.

Question: What is Netflix Sandman Based On?

Answer: The Sandman series developed by Netflix is based on Neil Gaiman’s comic books of the same name. It follows the story of Dream, a sentient responsible for watching over the land of dreams.

Bottom Line

The Sandman has not been adapted before because of the sheer size of the story. Several offers have been made throughout the years, but Gaiman has always rejected them. I’m so glad it found a home with Netflix! Did you like any of the merch items I shared? If you can’t decide, I highly recommend the Funko DEC178161 Pop! Heroes: DC Death Vinyl Figure before you can’t get them anymore. Now, what other fandoms do you love? We have endless merch guides on our site; go check them out!

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