Best Fire Emblem Merch Guide

By 2017, Fire Emblem had become one of the highest-earning mobile games in the world. There are little signs that fans are abandoning Fire Emblem now, and that’s complemented by fan-made merch collections online. But just as new players need a guide to get a hang of the gameplay, you’ll need a guide to finding the very best Fire Emblem merch.

The Fire Emblem series has certainly changed over the years. From its beginning as a game series in 1990, fans have watched as more narratives take life and more features are added. And with each game comes new surprises. 

In January 2022, an update brought some great improvement for Fire Emblem: Heroes. Originally released in 2017, the update provided so much-needed features to make gameplay enjoyable. 

New filter features may searching for skills easier. The addition of memento events expends gameplay to the storyline. Both Legendary Erika and Legendary Lucina were given new levels for A Skills and an entirely new set of second-level skills.

 Combat manual updates and updates for two skills for all (A, B, and C) were also added. I also like that they thought to make new skulls either very difficult to attain or exclusive, adding a level of challenge. 

But the gameplay isn’t the only thing being updated for Fire Emblem. There’s more merch than ever for the franchise to celebrate even when you aren’t playing. In this guide, I’ll show you the best merch so you don’t waste your money. 

Bottom Line Up Front Summary:  If I had to select just one merch item for Fire Emblem, it would be Little Buddy 1720 Fire Emblem All Star 10″ IKE Plush, Multicolor. This plush is great for young fans, teens, and collectors. It’s affordable, colorful, and a great way to start your collection. 

My Top Picks

  1. Little Buddy 1720 Fire Emblem All Star 10″ IKE Plush, Multicolor: Best Overall/ Starting Your Collection
  2. Minimalist Ultimate Ike Pillow: Best Home Decor 
  3. Crest of Askr Crewneck Sweater: Best Apparel 
  4. Tragic Lovers Tote: Best Bag 
  5. Fire Emblem- Awakening Tapestry: Best Room Decor 
  6. Fire Emblem Lucina Figurine: Best for Collector’s 
  7. Three Houses Key Chain Badges: Best for Budget Collecting 
  8. Fire Emblem Pendant Necklace: Best Accessory 

Who Created Fire Emblem?

Fire Emblem was created by Shouzou Kaga and artists Yusuke Kozaki and Hidari. It was released in 1990 by Intelligent Games and went on to inspire many main games as some spin-off games. Intelligent Games is a Japanese game company that is headquartered in Kyoto. In addition to Fire Emblem, the studio has produced countless games, mostly more Nintendo. 

Those famous games include some of the Donkey Kongs and Mario Brothers, the original Sim City, Paper Mario, and many more. While some of these games were later acquired by other companies, Fire Emblem’s producers have had a big impact on the gaming industry. 

Is Fire Emblem Popular in Japan?

It probably comes as no surprise that Fire Emblem, produced by a Japanese software company, is popular in Japan. It’s amassed a fervent following in Japan, which it continues to enjoy to this day. It was the initial success and enthusiasm for Fire Emblem in Japan that’s in part responsible for reaching a global audience. 

Why Did Fire Emblem Come to the West?

Fire Emblem didn’t ship immediately to a Western audience. After success in Japan, Western players were unexpectedly introduced to Fire Emblem. Super Smash Brothers featured a character from the Fire Emblem series. The melee became a point of interest, and Smash Brothers fans wanted to know more about the character. This led to a spike in interest in Fire Emblem and can be pointed to as the beginning of its global success. 

How Well Known is Fire Emblem?

While Fire Emblem has never surpassed some popular series, it remains one of the most popular of Nintendo games. Behind Zelda, Pokemon, and Mario Brothers, Fire Emblem is a globally recognized game. But to explore why it’s popular, I need to discuss its unique gameplay. 

What Kind of Game is Fire Emblem?

Best Fire Emblem Merch

Fire Emblem is a tactical role-playing game with anime graphics. Tactical role-playing games are popular and common, but I’d guess that many aren’t familiar with what the term means. A tactical role-playing game (TRPG) combines both role-play games and strategy games. Fire Emblem, and other games like it, are turned-based.

 Tactical role-playing games take inspiration from classic tabletop games. Thus, part of the reason for Fire Emblem’s popularity is that it rides off classic gaming motifs while combining storytelling, strategy, and even some combat. 

Where Does Fire Emblem Take Place?

Fire Emblem games take place in a fictional world, including locations like Archanea, Jugdral, and Valm. Each continent has its long history and lore, which is another reason why Fire Emblem is a compelling game. 

What Type of Combat is Fire Emblem?

While many features have changed over time for the Fire Emblem series, it’s also fairly consistent. I think it’s that consistency that keeps fans playing games. One example is combat. The combat system in Fire Emblem is based on a turn-based, strategic battlefield.

 Like games like Heroes of Might and Magic, your units have a certain number of spaces they can move each turn, and, depending on the unit, you’ll need to be quite close to directly attack another unit. Unit stats include metrics such as defense, strength, speed, magic, luck, resistance, and charisma. Games have added more nuance for special abilities, expanded weapon types, terrain types, and battalions.

Does Fire Emblem Have a Story?

The Fire Emblem series doesn’t succeed in combat alone. Something that keeps fans coming back is its plot lines. Every Fire Emblem game features its timeline and storyline. This includes distinct character development and the lore of the continent it’s situated in. Though the plot changes from game to game, the concepts are consistent. 

Narratives explore universal themes of companionship and romance. They also are centered on local and global conflict and the struggle for good. The main characters and ‘bad guys’ change, but the experience in many ways does not.

How Many Fire Emblems are There?

The other thing I admire about the Fire Emblem series is how many games there are, and most are of fairly consistent quality. There are 16 main Fire Emblem games, as well as four spin-offs which are a bit different. 

Is Fire Emblem all Connected?

All Fire Emblem games are connected in that they are in the same world. Some take place on different continents. The gameplay and combat systems are also connected. However, from a story basis, they are all meant to be stand-alone games. Fire Emblem games are not directly connected to the plot, and you don’t have to play them in a specific order. 

In What Order Should I Play Fire Emblem?

Since Fire Emblem games are meant to be played as stand-alone, the order you play them in depends on personal preference. I recommend simply starting with the Fire Emblem you can easily buy and play or one that interests you most. 

How Long is the Original Fire Emblem?

The first Fire Emblem has an impressive gameplay run of about 30 hours for the main plot. However, you can eke out another 20 hours if you take advantage of all gameplay available. 

Which Fire Emblem Game is the Best?

If you’re looking for the best gameplay, Reddit users and players may disagree. However, looking at critical reviews, I recommend starting with Fire Emblem: Awakening, Three Houses, or Fates. 

Are Fire Emblem Games Hard?

Fire Emblem games are not considered to be hard. I’d argue that Fire Emblem games are very beginner-friendly. Some players think that Fire Emblem 7 is too easy. 

Is it Casual or Classic Better Fire Emblem?

Casual and classic refers to the two-game mode options for Fire Emblem. Classic mode is preferred by most players. Casual mode is as it sounds– it’s a bit easier. The difference is in combat. In Classic Mode, a unit dies permanently. Casual Mode allows all of your units to become alive again if you win a battle. Casual Mode may be helpful for newer players who are finding the game too difficult. Fire Emblem is not usually known to be hard for beginners, but the Casual Mode makes it even less so.

What is the Easiest Fire Emblem Game?

The easiest Fire Emblem games depend on your perspective. Sacred Stones, Awakening, and Birthright are the top three easiest for many players. 

How Can I Play Fire Emblem? 

Fire Emblem may have attracted many fans, but it has some limitations in terms of how you can play it. That’s been true for the life of the game. 

Is Fire Emblem on Steam?

Though Steam lists Fire Emblem as a product, it isn’t available for PC. The best way to buy and play Fire Emblem is through Gamestop, Target, Best Buy, or other stores that sell Nintendo games. Fire Emblem, depending on the specific game, is available on Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, mobile (Android and iOS), and Nintendo Switch. 

Will Fire Emblem Awakening come to the Nintendo Switch?

Fire Awakening is now available for Nintendo Switch. It also includes Warriors, a DLC pack meant to enhance your gameplay.

Fire Emblem Merch: My Picks

Fire Emblem is unique because Intelligent Systems, the developer, doesn’t sell official merch. Because of this, I searched for the best Fire Emblem-inspired merch on websites including Tee Public, Amazon, and Etsy. All merchandise from my picks is sold on reputable, secure websites with clear customer service policies. This Fire Emblem merch features creative designs, quality print or design, and reasonable prices. I’m only selecting merch that represents the series and is either practical or stands out from a collector’s point of view.  

Tee Public Fire Emblem Merchandise

Tee Public features products sold by independent creators, not unlike Etsy. However, a big difference is not only a more narrow focus on product types but quality standards. On Etsy, artists are responsible for making and fulfilling their products. Tee Public acts as a third party, producing the products based upon the designs artists create. While products don’t range as much as Etsy, there’s a little more consistency in quality. Their Fire Emblem merch line includes t-shirts, mugs, laptop cases, stickers, notebooks, posters, tote bags, and even onesies. Shop All Tee Public Fire Emblem Merch Here

Minimalist Ultimate Ike Pillow 

Ultimate Ike may be featured in Mario Smash Brothers, but his real story is from the Fire Emblem series. Ultimate Ike appears in both Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Ike’s journey is fascinating, as he trains to be a mercenary. He comes from a line of warriors and shows his bravery many times. This pillow features the character in motion, with a contemporary, minimalist print. The colors are vivid and striking. The pillow cover is cut and sewn by hand and made with a breathable polyester twill fabric. The zipper makes for easy care. Buy Here


  • Iconic Character with Smash Bros Crossover
  • Hand Sewn with Zipper 
  • Multiple Sizes


  • Only One Color 
  • Plain on Back 

Fire Emblem Heroes: Crest of Askr Crewneck Sweatshirt

This comfy sweatshirt is stylish and versatile. It features a Crest of Askr logo on your choice of a gray, white or red backdrop.  (If you like this style, see also the Crest of Askr T-Shirt). The sweatshirt is lightweight but warm, with fleece lining. The cotton and polyester blend is pre-shrunk. Hemming at the cuffs is not only stylish but also keeps you warmer. The sweatshirt was made in a product that supports fair labor practices. It’s available in sizes small through 5XL. Buy Here


  • Lightweight with Fleece Lining
  • Supports Fair Labor Practices
  • Multiple Sizes and Colors


  • No Design on Back 
  • Not Hooded 

Tragic Lovers Tote

Tragic Lovers Tote

This Fire Emblem tote takes design to the next level. Unlike my last pick, which took a more subtle approach, this tote is for an avid Fire Emblem fan. Show off how much you love the game with a brilliant, romantic, and dramatic graphic. You can choose from single-sided or double-sided print as well as sizes small (13” by 13”) to large (18” by 18”). The poly-poplin exterior is meant to endure daily wear, while the cotton handles are comfortable. The laminate coating is a nice touch to bolster durability. Buy Here


  • Poly-Poplin Exterior and Laminate-Coating 
  • Single or Double-Sided Print
  • Soft Cotton Handles


  • Only One Color
  • No Zippers 

Fire Emblem: Awakening – Henry Tapestry

If you’re a fan of Fire Emblem: Awakening, this wall hanging might be for you. The tapestry depicts Henry stroking his great wolf. It’s serene and majestically-styled, with cooler, calming colors. The print is set on a brown tapestry that you can hang in a bedroom or gaming room. The microfiber tapestry is crafted with hemmed edges for a secure and easy way to hang it. Choose from three sizes (36” by 26” to 80” by 68”). Buy Here


  • Hemmed Edges
  • Unique Print 
  • 3 Sizes


  • Only one Color
  • More Muted Tones Aren’t as Striking 

Amazon Fire Emblem Merchandise 

Amazon sells a small collection of Fire Emblem merch, including figurines for collectors. Graphic t-shirts, badgers, necklaces, pillows, and hoodies are the main products offered. You can expect reasonable prices. My picks are all well-rated and reviewed by fellow customers. They do have a few products from the official Fire Emblem brand. Shop All Amazon Fire Emblem Merch Here

Fire Emblem Awakening Lucina Figurine

If you’re a collector, this is the best way to start. Fire Emblem figurines on Emblem can go for as much as a few or several hundred dollars. While still expensive, this is a much better-priced opinion. The figurine depicts Lucina, one of the protagonists of Fire Emblem: Awakening. She’s a powerful character who seeks to avenge her father’s murder. She’s also the owner of the iconic falchion sword. Buy Here


  • Excellent Depiction of Lucina
  • Collectible 
  • Stands on Own


  • Plastic 
  • Expensive 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Protagonist Badges 3pcs Key Chain

These key chains feature the three houses in the Fire Emblem series. Distinct motifs represent the Blue Lions, Black Eagles, and Golden Deer. Use these key chains as accessories over a desk, attach to your backpack, or your car keys. They feature a clean, distinct design and are a fan extra gift for a Fire Emblem fan. Buy Here


  • Affordable and Practical
  • Represents the Three Houses
  • Highly-Rated


  • Can Tarnish
  • Not Many Reviews 

Little Buddy 1720 Fire Emblem All Star 10″ IKE Plush

Plush toys are more popular than ever, and not just for younger fans. Plush toys are used as desk and bed accessories and even sometimes collected. This plush depicts Ike with bright colors and a fun design. The toy is marketed for 13 to 16 year-olds, though older fans can enjoy it too. The cape includes a light, purposefully fringe. The quality of the colors and softness of the materials are highly praised by customers. Buy Here


  • High-Quality Colors and Details
  • Collectible
  • Highly-Rated


  • Can’t Stand on Own
  • Not Currently Valuable 

Final Buying Recommendations: Etsy Fire Emblem Merchandise

By shopping on Etsy, you’re directly supporting independent artists and creators. These products are handmade and unique. Just make sure you familiarize yourself with Etsy’s Return and Refund Policies and investigate the seller some before buying. Make sure they have a history of sales and a high rate of customer satisfaction. Reviews should include some details and not merely state that they liked their purchase. 

Etsy’s collection of Fire Emblem merch leans colorful, fun, youthful, and decorative. This includes Fire Emblem plush toys, mugs, replica weapons, charms, pendants badges, and more. Shop All Etsy Fire Emblem Merch Here

Fire Emblem Crest Necklace

Choose from 16 designs. These Fire Emblem necklaces are handmade and feature simple but meaningful designs. The pendants are crafted with durable, brushed stainless steel and set on a 20-inch alloy chain. This necklace is offered by a store with other 15,000 sales. Buy Here.


  • Stainless Steel Won’t Tarnish
  • 15 Designs 
  • Handmade 


  • Chain is an Alloy
  • Fairly Plain 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Next Fire Emblem Game?

Answer: There’s no official confirmation yet of a new Fire Emblem game, but there was a January 2022 leak that has led some to speculate that it’s coming soon. The claim is that the Fire Emblem game with come to Nintendo Switch and will boast superior graphics. However, it’s unknown for sure if there will be another game. Intelligent Games has been quiet about its development plans. 

Question: What Fire Emblem Game is Robin From?

Answer: Robin appears in 2012’s Fire Emblem: Awakening. He begins the game with amnesia and is found by Lissa, his sister. He must fight, despite his amnesia. He became a popiu; ar character and was even featured in subsequent Nintendo games. 

Question: Are Edelgard and Byleth Related?

Answer: Edelgard and Blyth were changed by the Crest of Flames. They are both characters that many fans “shop together.” Their couple’s name is Eveleth. They also share in common being two non-binary characters. 

Question: How Many Endings Does Fire Emblem: Three Houses Have?

Answer: Fire Emblem: Three Houses has multiple story paths. Depending on the decisions you make, you’ll experience a dramatically different second part of your game. In total, there are three different endings to this Fire Emblem game. 

Question: What Difficulty Should I Play Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

Answer: The level of difficulty you should play Fire Emblems: Three Houses at depends on your level of experience. Classic Hard Mode is recommended for more experienced and confident players. Players who are new and want a challenge likewise would enjoy this level of difficulty. 

Final Thoughts 

The Fire Emblem series is stronger than ever. As fans await a new Fire Emblem game, there are plenty of main games and side games to enjoy. While there isn’t an official merchandise store, there still are great products from both Tee Public and Amazon– including a few from Fire Emblem’s brand. Not only are these merch items well-designed, but they’re also fairly priced and unique. Hopefully, you’ll find something for yourself or a fellow Fire Emblem fan. 

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