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Rebecca Zamolo’s rise to fame on YouTube is inspirational. Even you don’t know her story, her merch stands out as one of the best collections you can shop for online. With so many items offered, you’ll need a guide to make a smart purchase and get the most out of the fandom. 

Award shows like the Grammies have been around for decade after decade. It was only in 2017 that the American Influencer Awards launched. Since then, the awards have offered emerging social media stars an outlet for wider recognition. While the awards were modest the first year, in 2019, the award show was picked up by USA Today.

The buzz hasn’t died down, even amidst a pandemic. If anything, the influx of more viewers online is making the awards more popular. In 2021, Rebecca Zamolo was nominated for the Content Creator of The Year. Not only is this a prestigious award, but she was announced as a finalist in late September.

While Zamolo didn’t win the award, it shows how far she’s come from her health struggles. Zamolo, who once dreamed of being an actress, is an inspiration for many and has some very entertaining videos. 

But many fans don’t realize she has her website, complete with an excellent merchandise line. As one of the larger merchandise lines, you’ll need a guide to help you select the best pieces. I’ll tell you what you need to know about Rebecca Zamolo and her channel. I’ll also show you my top picks for the best merch in her collection.  

Who is Rebecca Zamolo?

Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo was born on September 28th, 1884. The 37-year old social media influencer always dreamed of being an actress and gymnast, but a health scare changed her career path. Just as she was gearing up for auditions, Zamolo was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

With three surgeries planned in just nine months, auditioning for roles wasn’t possible. Instead of giving up on her dreams, Zamolo channeled her worries and frustrations into creating a YouTube channel. It turns out that creating her very first video was the best decision she could have made. 

What is Rebecca Zamolo Famous For?

Today, Rebecca Zamolo is famous for her variety of YouTube channels. Her videos cover music, gaming, fitness 24-hour challenges, pranks, and more. As she gained fame, she’s collaborated with other famous personalities, such as JoJo Siwa and Annie Leblanc. 

What is Rebecca Zamolo’s Net Worth?

Net worth is always tricky to determine, especially for online influencers. Rebecca Zamolo has an estimated net worth of $10 to 11.5 million dollars. Across social media platforms, Zamolo has more than 15 million followers.  

Does Rebecca Zamolo Have Siblings?

As she’s grown in popularity, more fans have grown curious about if she has any siblings. Zamolo is the oldest in her family. She has one brother and three younger sisters. 

Who is Rebecca Zamolo’s Cousin, Maddie?

Maddie Gray is Rebecca Zamolo’s cousin. If you’ve watched Zamolo, chances are you’ve seen Maddie Gray as well. Maddie Gray has been featured in several popular videos, including: “Ignoring Maddie Gray for 24 Hours.” Maddie Gray is most popular on Tik Tok. 

Who is Rebecca Zamolo’s Best Friend?

While there’s a lot of fans who know about Rebecca Zamolo, it’s unclear who her best friend is. Most of the searches for her best friend merely point to her popular “Best Friend Name Reveal in 24 Hours” video. This video has over 6.8 million views and 112K likes. 

Are Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays Married?

Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays are married and uploaded a video montage on their wedding in 2017. Rebecca Zamolo’s and Matt Slay’s Wedding Video is still up on the main YouTube channel. The couple lives in Los Angelos. Matt Slay is also a YouTube celebrity, known for his music and songwriting. 

Does Rebecca Have a Daughter?

In August 2021, Rebecca Zamolo shared that she was pregnant. This was a triumphant announcement. Zamolo has had fertility issues for years, and many are wishing her well. This would be her first child. 

How Can I Watch Rebecca Zamolo?

Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo’s YouTube channel can be accessed here. Her channel has over 11 million subscribers and continues to grow. But if you’ve never seen her videos, it can be a little confusing. Rebecca’s channel is a variety channel. Here’s what her videos are like. 

What Type of Videos is on Rebecca Zamolo’s YouTube Channel?

As is common with many highly popular social media influencers, Rebecca Zamolo has branched out into personal and lifestyle videos. She has a playlist all about her pregnancy journey and also a reality-tv show-inspired series, In Real Life. She’s still best known for her real-life challenges, gaming series, and pranks. If you’re not sure where to start, her playlists help find the content you’ll enjoy. 

What is the Game Master Network?

The Game Master Network is a gaming app created by Rebecca Zamolo and her husband, Matt Slay. After gaining popularity for the Game Master YouTube series, the couple decided there was a way to reach an even broader audience.

The Game Master Network App is supposed to mimic escape rooms and shows like the Amazing Race. It was a wise investment, especially with the pandemic causing many escape rooms to shut down. The app has pretty solid ratings. Download From Google Here or Download From Apple Here

What are Rebecca Zamolo’s Most Popular Videos?

There’s no doubt that Rebecca Zamolo’s challenges and pranks are popular. Her top 10 videos include several challenges but also rewinds, a wedding video, and a personal look at her health struggles. 

Other popular videos and series include A Numbers Game, Among Us, In Real Life, End Game, Dating Games in Real Life, music videos (like the Imposter Song), Jumanji in Real Life, Lie Detector Test, Popsocket, and Ghostbusters. I also like Rebecca Zamolo’s costume ideas for Halloween. 

What was Rebecca Zamolo’s First-Ever YouTube Vdeo?

In my experience, influencers usually remove their earliest videos. Rebecca Zamolo’s oldest video on her channel is the Benefits of Marriage (Halfway Hitched). This video stars Rebecca Zamolo, and now-husband Matt Slays. The couple discusses their insights about relationships and marriage in under 3 minutes. 

What are Matt and Rebecca’s Newest Videos?

The newest videos on Rebecca Zamolo’s channel are mostly about her pregnancy journey. I wouldn’t take this as a sign that her channel is changing. All creators evolve, and all creators play with content. However, that doesn’t signal the end of 24 challenges and gaming videos. 

How Can I Follow Rebecca Zamolo? 

Rebecca Zamolo Snapchat

Aside from her YouTube channel, Rebecca Zamolo is active across many social media platforms. Here’s where to follow her. 

Does Rebecca Zamolo Have Snapchat?

Rebecca Zamolo has 185K followers on Snapchat. Follow her on Snapchat Here.

Where is Rebecca Zamolo on Tiktok?

Like her cousin Maddie, Rebecca Zamolo is also on TikTok. Her following on TikTok is more notable than Snapchat. Rebecca Zamolo has 16.4 million followers on Tiktok and is very active. Follow her on Tiktok Here

Where is Rebecca Zamolo on Instagram?

Rebecca Zamolo has 2.9 million followers on Instagram. She posts more personal pictures on Instagram, many of which feature her family. Follow her on Instagram here

Does Rebcecca Zamolo have a Website?

Finally, Rebecca Zamolo also has a website. Her official website is home to her official merch shop. There’s also a link to her Youtube channel at the bottom of the page. 

Rebecca Zamolo Merch to Buy Now

Rebecca Zamolo Merch

The best place to buy Rebecca Zamolo merchandise is from her official merch store. Her collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, lip gloss, tanks, crop shirts, and more.

The colorful collection is always bringing in new merch, so check back often. Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts, an accessory backpack, or workout gear, there are always many options. At the same time, the official merch store ranges from affordable to expensive. You’ll find outfits for both kids and adults. 

To help you navigate through your options, I’ve selected the best merch you can buy now. My selection criteria consider versatility, creativity, materials, and how representative of her brand each item is. From bigger budget items to more affordable stocking stuffers like lip gloss, here are my top picks.



Easily one of the most popular items, this onesie is cozy. The onesie features a comfy footless design, perfect for those lazy winter days or cold nights. Show off your Rebecca Zamolo pride in neon pink.

The onesie zips up and down so you can cool off easily. You can snuggle up with a pink hood. The onesie is made out of polyester and cotton fleece blend that’s soft and easy to care for. Please note that the onesie runs small. I recommend sizing up. As is true for almost all Rebecca Zamolo clothing merch, this onesie is available in sizes Youth X-Small through Adult X-Large. Buy Here


  • Super Cozy Fleece Blend
  • Hooded 
  • Popular Item 


  • Only Available in Pink
  • Tricky Sizing For Tall or Short Customers 
  • Pricey

Limited Edition Neon Pink Sparkle Cupcake Tee

I like snatching up limited edition merch for a few reasons. While not always true, limited edition merch can be more valuable in the future. I also like finding a style that will stand out as unique in the future. This limited edition tee still has a distinct style that matches the energy and playfulness of Rebecca Zamolo’s videos.

A bright blue cupcake in a yellow liner stands out against a pink bubble background. The long, oversized look is both comfy and stylish. Rainbow sprinkles sparkle from the cupcake motif. This shirt is available in sizes Youth Small to Adult XX-Large. Buy Here.  


  • Limited Edition 
  • Bright Design
  • Long and Soft


  • Not Very Versatile
  • Runs Long on Petite Frames

#ZAMFAM Shirt Teal

ZAMFAM Shirt Teal

Rebecca Zamolo’s official merch shop isn’t limited to neon and bubblegum pink. This teal t-shirt is an excellent choice. The bright design features iconic multicolored sprinkles and a #ZAMFAM logo.

The t-shirt is fitted for a flattering look, soft to the touch, and pre-shrunk. Made with 100 percent pre-shrunk cotton, the t-shirt has a double-needle top and bottom hem. Meant to last better than your average t-shirt, you can wear this with jeans or yoga pants. It’s available in sizes Youth Small to Adult XX-Large.  Buy Here


  • 100 Percent Pre-Shrunk Cotton
  • Double-Needle Hem
  • Flattering Fit 


Crop Top Hoodie Storm

Crop Top Hoodie Storm

Some of the best-selling Rebecca Zamolo merch are hoodies and for good reason. This stylish crop top hoodie is perfect for Fall or Southern winters. The polyester and cotton fleece bend is soft but breathable enough to wear to the gym or for a walk. The versatile design features raw edge neon dye.

The drawstrings are easy to adjust, and I also like that the crop is the perfect height for high-waisted pants. This hoodie is only available in Adult Small or Adult Medium. Buy Here


  • Polyester Fleece Blend
  • Lightweight and Comfy 
  • Unique Style


  • Only Two Sizes Available
  • Not Warm Enough for Winter 

#ZAMFAM Hoodie Black

#ZAMFAM Hoodie Black

I love the bright colors in Rebecca Zamolo’s official merch line. At the same time, if you’re like me, you’re often drawn to darker colors. Regardless, I was happy to see a solid black hoodie in her lineup.

The black hoodie is stylish, with a fitted style. It’s still as comfortable and soft as her other hoodies. I also like how the black background makes the multicolored sprinkles pop more. This Rebecca Zamolo hoodie is available in sizes Youth Small to Adult XX-Large. Buy Here


  • Comfy, Fitted Style
  • Size-Inclusive 
  • Versatile 


  • Some May Prefer Oversized vs Fitted
  • No Fleece Lining 

ZAMFAM Holiday Hoodie

ZAMFAM Holiday Hoodie

Looking for an ugly Christmas sweater? This holiday hoodie is Rebecca’s version of the ugly Christmas sweater tradition. The hoodie is more modern than a typical ugly Christmas sweater, but it’s unabashedly colorful.

The cozy v-neck hoodie features a ZAMFAM logo with a seasonal beanie, Christmas tree, and striped scarf. It’s a relaxed fit for lounging around the house or a White Elephant party. Buy Here


  • Festive Design
  • Cozy Fit
  • Unique V-Neck 


  • Not Versatile
  • Not Super Warm 

#ZAMFAM Lip Gloss

#ZAMFAM Lip Gloss

Lip gloss may not seem like a top choice for merch– but this is quite popular. Rebecca Zamolo’s lip gloss comes in a bright fuchsia hue but applies as a clear gloss. The pink packaging features the iconic cupcake theme with teal lettering. It’s a nice touch to any outfit. Buy Here


  • Versatile- Applies Clear
  • Bright Packaging
  • Popular Item


  • No Colors
  • A Little Pricey

​​Ultimate Game Master Network Bundle

​​Ultimate Game Master Network Bundle

If you love the Game Master Network, this bundle may be for you. Though the initial price tag may look high, it’s a pretty good bargain when you consider all that comes with it.

The bundle includes a hoodie, tee-shirt, journal, invisible ink pen, pop socket, bracelet, book bag/ duffel, and decoder ring necklace. All items feature the GM logo and are in black. The clothing comes in sizes Youth Small through Adult X-Large. Buy Here


  • GM Branded Logo
  • Great Value
  • Makes a Good Gift


  • Can’t Select Individual Items
  • All Black

Pink Pom Pom ZAMFAM Hat

Neon pink certainly is Rebecca Zamolo’s theme for a lot of her official merchandise. At the same time, this hat stands out. This pom hat features a cozy design and the ZAMFAM logo in white lettering.

The knit folds over and can be adjusted on your head for a soft fit. Wear it high on your forehead or lower for more coverage. It’s suited for a warmer winter day or a cool Fall or Spring day. The hat is one-size-fits-most. Buy Here


  • Cute Pom Pom Design
  • Cozy For Cool Weather
  • Pairs Well with Rebecca Zamolo Hoodies 


  • A Little Thin
  • One Size (None for Kids) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Rebecca Zamolo Have Cancer?

Answer: Rebecca Zamolo doesn’t have cancer. The social media influencer suffers from ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease characterized by inflammation and sore spots in the colon, rectum, and digestive tract. The star has had at least 3 surgeries but is doing well. 

Question: Does Rebecca Zamolo Have a Tattoo?

Answer: Rebecca Zamolo tested magic and temporary tattoos a few times on her YouTube channel. In one memorable video, Zamolo Got a Tattoo of Her Ex on her forehead. She tested magic tattoos with Jojo Siwa and Rachel Ballinger in the video, Testing *AS SEEN ON TV* Magic Tattoos

Question: What is Rebecca Zamolo’s Zodiac Sign?

Answer: Rebecca Zamolo’s birthday is in September. Her zodiac sign is a Libra. 

Question: Was Rebecca Zamolo a Gymnast?

Answer: As a testament to Rebecca Zamolo’s ambition, she was once a gymnast. She started training when she was 9 years old. Her awards include both regional and national titles. 

Final Thoughts 

Rebecca Zamolo is popular for a reason. Her videos are entertaining and full of energy. From 24 hour challenges to personal vlogs and her In Real Life series, it’s easy to see why she has so many fans. Her official merch shop has some great clothing for kids and adults. Though not everything is of premium quality, they’re bright, thoughtful, and colorful designs. 

Final Buying Recommendation: Rebecca Zamolo’s and Matt Slay’s Book

Rebecca Zamolo can now add bestselling authors to her list of achievements. Rebecca Zamolo’s book, The Game Master: Summer Schooled was released in June 2011. The 176-page book is intended for kids ages 8 to 12. The mystery novel follows a team of friends who must face a Game Master during their Summer break. The kid’s book is available on Amazon as a paperback or hardcover. Buy Here


  • Bestseller
  • Fun Mystery Story
  • True to Rebecca’s Brand


  • Rebecca Doesn’t Have Books For Adults or Teens Yet
  • Storyline Challenging For Younger Kids 


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