Best Mulan Merch Guide

When Mulan first came out in 1998, the Disney princess stole many hearts. She continues to do– not with the 2020 film, but with her courage, personality and story. But you’ll need a guide to sort through all the merchandise to find the very best products. 

Disney is known for its princes and princesses. Maybe you know Disney for its whimsical stories or touches of magic. But what is clearer as you examine past films is that stories are rarely surface level. While Disney’s stories are by no means perfect, it’s that layer of dimension that keeps young and older fans alike engaged.

Mulan was one of the five animated movies that have been brought up as presenting a deeper meaning. When it was released in 1998, it made an impression not only for its lovable characters but the dynamic story is told.

Mulan tackles discrimination, gender roles, family loyalty, and courage. It explores a culture that Disney had not yet represented, and it manages to keep the film engaging for all ages. Though the 2020 live-action of Mulan didn’t receive the best critical reviews, there’s no doubt that the original story lives on, and is still greatly important and relevant today.

But if you want to show off your passion for Mulan, the a` guide is needed to find merch. There’s plenty of merchandise being sold, but I’ll show you the best places to buy it, as well as my top picks for all Mulan fans. 

Bottom Line Up Front Summary:  If I had to select a single merch item for Mulan fans, it would be Disney’s Classic Mulan Doll. This doll is very affordable but has exquisite details. Rela satin and filigree embroidery set this apart from other dolls. Buy a stand and use it as a collector’s item for a fraction of the price. 

My Top Picks

  1. Classic Mulan Doll: Best Overall
  2. Designer Collection Special Edition Mulan Doll: Best For Serious Collectors
  3. Mulan True to Myself Tee for Adults: Best Custom Tee 
  4. Mulan Riding Through Hoodie: Best Sweatshirt
  5. Disney Mulan Phoenix Tee: Best Abstract Mulan Tee
  6. Disney Mulan Classic Costume: Best Kid’s Costume 
  7. Disney Mulan Two Reflections Doll Set: Best 2020 Mulan Film Doll 
  8. Trends International Tree Framed Mulan Wall Art: Best Home Decor 
  9. Silver Buffalo Mulan Bamboo Mug: Best Mug 

Origins of Mulan

Best Mulan Merch Guide 

The 2020 film was critiqued for lack of accuracy and relying on stereotypes. Regardless of how you feel about this, it’s fair to look at the original 1998 film. The 1998 film is not entirely accurate, but not out of the realm of accuracy, either. The first issue, of course, is that there isn’t evidence if the “real” Mulan ever lived, or if she’s just a legend. Even if she did, her secret of disguising herself as a man would never have been discovered. 

The legend itself has transformed based upon different cultures and retellings. The invasion of China by the Huns around that period appears to be accurate, as does the emphasis on some of the Chinese values depicted in the film. The expectation of women is likewise seen as fairly accurate. In other words, the 1998 film doesn’t do too poorly for capturing the semblance of cultural issues.

Mulan Movies

Mulan fans have two movies to choose from: the 1998 film and the 2020 live-action film. The 1998 film is highly rated and beloved, while sadly the 2020 release has several controversies. I’ve outlined the differences between the two in the table below. 

Film Rating  Mulan’s Role in War Mulan’s 


Main Companions




Run Time Ratings




1998 Orginal



Rated G  Mulan is Strategic Mushu and Lucky Cricket


(comic relief) 

Musical Scores 1 hour


28 minutes 

86%- Critics




2020 Live-Action Mulan  Rated PG-13 


For Violence, Moderate Language

Mulan is Gifted at Combat, Including Martial Arts  Xinjiang, a female shapeshifter 


(sometimes a source of tension)

Martial Arts Sequences  1 hour


55 minutes

73%- Critics


43% Audience 

Mulan Characters

The live-action film, as you can see in the table I mentioned earlier, gets rid of Mulan’s main sidekicks and adds a new character. They also change Mulan’s love interest. In the 1998 film, Mulan’s love interest is Li Shang, a fellow soldier. In the 2020 film, her love interest is Honghui. The animated film featured a lucky cricket and Mushu, a miniature Chinese dragon who is known for his smart-alack comments and quick words. 

Why was Li Shang Removed from Mulan?

Li Shang, Mulan’s love interest in the 1998 film, was removed from the 2020 film in favor of Li Shang. The director felt that the original storyline was too problematic, citing the power imbalance between the two. 

Who is Mulan’s Dad?

Mulan’s father is Fa Zhou. Fa Zhou was a war hero and walks now with a limp. He is very protective of his family and in many ways traditional. However, he comes to view Mulan with great respect due to the sacrifice she makes for her family. 

Why Does Mulan Have a Sister? 

In the 1998 film, Mulan was an only child. This was important because her family felt they had no one to go off to war. In the 2020 film, however, Mulan has a sister. The reason was to highlight the differences between the expected domestic roles of a woman, versus the decision Mulan makes. 

Where to Watch Mulan

Mulan’s 1998 and 2020 versions can both be purchased on DVD. If you’re interested in streaming, you have a few options. 

Does Hulu or Netflix Have Mulan?

Hulu doesn’t have either version of Mulan. Neither does Netflix 

Is Mulan in Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime was the 2020 version of Mulan as well as the Original 1998 Mulan. Neither are currently free. 

Does Disney Plus Have Mulan?

Disney Plus is your other main option for streaming Mulan. You must be a subscriber to Stream 1998 Mulan or Stream 2020 Mulan

How to Find a Mulan Plush

Plush toys are collectibles that are very popular. To find the best Mulan plush, you need to look at customer reviews and the materials used. Look for a plush that was firm or double-stitching to prevent unraveling. A plush is often made out of cotton, knit or polyester materials. For a Mulan plush, look for vibrant colors and a good design. I prefer official licensed merch but you can also find fan-inspired plush toys on Etsy. A plush should be soft, charming and collectible. Little details make a big difference for older fans. Young fans will find quirky features charming. Also make sure the plush is age-appropriate. You can shop for Mulan Plush toys on Etsy Here.

Mulan Merch: My Picks

To find the best Mulan merch, I considered several things. My very top recommendations include official, licensed merchandise. These items offer value to a range of fans, from kids to teens to adults. All of my picks come from stores with a respected reputation. My picks for the best Mulan merch also focused on practical use, creative design, and how well they accurate Mulan and her story. My very top recommendations come from the official Disney Merch Store and Hot Topic. Honorable mentions will be given to Mulan merch you can buy on Amazon. 

Mulan Merch from the Offical Disney Store 

The Disney Store has an official match for both 1998 classic and the 2020 feature film. The Disney Store sells totes, mugs, books, dolls, costumes, artwork, t-shirts, and more. The artwork and the dolls work as collector’s items too. If you’re buying from this store, you can shop online and in stores. The Disney Store is a little more expensive on some items, but overall has fair prices and a nice selection. Shop All Mulan Merch From the Disney Store Here

Mulan Classic Doll – 11 1/2”

Want a beautiful Mulan doll at a reasonable price? This doll is great for playing with or collection. The classic Mulan doll is entirely pose-able. I love her glossy black hair and the attention to detail for her outfit. That outfit includes a satin skirt with a satin bodice and sash. Filigree patterns add an expressive touch. As a bonus, the doll comes in recyclable, plastic-free packaging. Buy Here


  • Beautiful Details
  • Satin Fabric
  • Pose-able 


  • Not a True Collector’s Item
  • Doesn’t Come with Stand 

Disney Designer Collection Mulan Limited Edition Doll – Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration – 11 3/4”

Collectors and avid Mulan fans, take note. This designer Mulan doll is exquisite. The doll comes with a certificate of authenticity and a beautiful couture outfit. The outfit was created by designer Dana Cendejas specifically for Disney. The sash and sleeves are embroidered. Dragon details can be seen on both the sash and the shoes. The inset is gorgeous. Mulan’s hair is swept into a form up-do with a hair comb. The doll comes with a display stand and collectible package. Buy Here


  • Collector’s Item
  • Exclusive, Couture Design
  • Beautiful Detailing 


  • Very Expensive 
  • Saddle Stand is Awkward for Posing 

Mulan ”True to Myself” Blended T-Shirt for Adults – Customized

This comfy t-shirt for adults goes above and beyond. The Mulan shirt features a modern design, available in short or long sleeves. Choose from ivory, gray, gray-blue, black, cyan, and berry. The neck is tapered, with shoulder seams for improved durability. Two-needle hemming prevents loose or unraveling threads. This t-shirt is made with a blend of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton for a comfortable and flexible fit. Buy Here


  • Comfortable Polyester and Cotton Blend
  • Customizable
  • Double Hemming and Shoulder Seams


  • Adult Sizes Only
  • More Abstract/ Modern Interpretation of Mulan

Mulan Beside Black Wind Illustration T-Shirt

This is the best Disney Store Mulan t-shirt for kids. The t-shirt features a flattering, slim fit and is made out of 100 percent spun cotton. Caped sleeves and a modern fit elevate this into a stylish t-shirt. You can customize the color, type of printing, and general style. Buy Here


  • Customizable
  • Capped Sleeves and Side Seams
  • Versatile 


  • Not Pre-Shrunk
  • Runs Small (Order One Size Up) 

Mulan Merch from Hot Topic 

If you’re looking for t-shirts and tanks for teens, Hot Topic is your place to shop. This slightly more mature collection of Mulan merch features graphic and illustrated short and long sleeve tees and sleeves tanks. Comfy hoodies are also for sale. These are all modern takes on both the classic 1998 and 2020 films. On brand for Hot Topic, there are mostly darker colors, but also some pale pinks and blues and whites. Shop All Mulan Hot Topic Merch Here

Disney Mulan Riding Through Hoodie

This stylish men’s hoodie is an immediate top pick. The design shows you can show off your love for Mulan, but in a modern and versatile way. The red print is dramatic against black. This hoodie is soft and cozy, with a blend of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester. The hood is adjustable. Buy Here


  • Adjustable Hood
  • Comfy Cotton and Polyester Blend
  • Stylish


  • Only Available in Men’s Sizes
  • Slightly Expensive 

Disney Mulan Beautiful Strong Phoenix T-Shirt

If you love Mulan but are looking for a more abstract interpretation, this comfy tee may be for you or a loved one. The tee features a sunburst orange design. The phoenix and empowering message captures the heart of what the Mulan narrative stands for without hitting it right on the nose. The tee is made with 100 percent lightweight cotton. Buy Here

Disney Mulan Beautiful Strong Phoenix T-Shirt


  • Comfy and Lightweight
  • Beautiful Color Combo
  • Highly Rated


  • More Expensive in Larger Sizes 
  • Not Pre-Shrunk 

Mulan Merch From Target 

My final top pick for where to buy Mulan merch is Target. If you’re an adult fan of Mulan, you’ll appreciate the selection of short and long sleeve t-shirts. Also noteworthy is the collection of posters and wall art. This includes official movie graphics as well as illustrated designs. That’s not to discount the collection of girls’ outfits, including dresses, jumpsuits, and more. With the Target collection there really is something for every Mulan fan. Shop Mulan Merch at Target Here

Disney Mulan Kid’s Costume  

This costume for kids is simply charming. The Mulan dress is actually from the Disney Store but offered with high reviews from Target. The pinks, reds, and blue and green accents are nothing short of striking. The satin dress comes with a belt, sash, slip skirt, and draped sleeves. The dress has some stretch, making it comfortable for long wear. Buy Here


  • Satin Dress
  • Beautiful Colors 
  • Stretch Fit 


  • Embroidery is Simulated 
  • Limited Sizing 

Disney Mulan Two Reflections Fashion Doll Set

Yes, I have another doll on my list. This doll plays more to Mulan’s look in the 2020 film. The set includes two outfits: one while she’s at war, and one while she’s at home. The red warrior outfit includes armor and a sword. Her blue matchmaker outfit features draped sleeves and faux embroidery. Buy Here


  • Two Outfits and Doll For Great Price
  • Highly Rated
  • Unique 2020 Look


  • Fabric is Not Highest Quality
  • Doll Doesn’t Stand on Her Own 

Trends International Disney Mulan – Tree Framed Wall Poster Prints

Think Mulan wall art is only for kids’ bedrooms? Think again. This wall poster print is a beautiful addition to any room, with muted tones and a design true to the 1998 classic. I love how this print looks in a frame. Premium-Quality printing and an easy-to-hang design make this an excellent choice. Buy Here


  • Easy to Hang
  • Premium Printing 
  • Multiple Sizes Available 


  • Doesn’t Come with Frame 
  • Expensive 

Final Buying Recommendations: Mulan Merch from Amazon 

If you can’t find anything from the Dinsey Shop, Target, or Hot Topic, an honorable mention goes to Amazon. What I like about Amazin is that they carry merch items that are practical for everyday use. There are teacups, travel tumblers, coffee mugs, and accessories. There are a few other merch items too, such as a jigsaw puzzle and pajama set. Shop All Mulan Merch on Amazon Here

Silver Buffalo Disney Mulan Mug with Bamboo Circle and Shaped Handle, 20-Ounce

Coffee and tea lovers, rejoice. You can enjoy your favorite hot drink and celebrate Mulan at the same time. This popular, 4.8-star mug is unique as it is popular. The ceramic mug holds up to 20 ounces of hot beverages. The handle is grooved for a firmer grip. The mug is BPA-free and microwave safe. Buy Here


  • BPA Free and Microwave Safe
  • Grooved Handle
  • Highly Rated 


  • Hand Wash Only 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Mulan Have a Kid?

Answer: Mulan is not shown to have a kid either in the 2020 film or the 1998 original animated film. Some fans have dreamed up storylines where she has a kid. For now, she does not have a kid in any of the films. 

Question: What is Mulan’s Age?

Answer: Mulan is just 16 at the time of the 1998 movie, and she’s likely about that age for the 2020 film. This shows even more how brave she is. 

Question: Why Does Mulan Have Bad Reviews?

Answer: Not everyone hates the 2020 version of Mulan as some claim, but the reviews pale in comparison with the acclaim given to the 1998 film. Criticism was given for recycling materials, going off of stereotypes, and not adding value to the 1998 film. It also ditched one of the most beloved characters. The actress of Mulan has also come under fire for her political views. 

Question: Who is Mulan’s Stunt Double?

Answer: Ashlee Fidow is Mulan’s stunt double in the 2020 feature film. Fidow has also worked on other projects, such as Thunder and Avatar, both 2022 films. 

Question: Why Does the Matchmaker say that Mulan Will Never Bring Her Family Honor?

Answer: Mulan is unable to display the level of humility and modesty that the matchmaker claims are needed to be a proper wife. Her comment about bringing honor, of course, is ironic, as she later does, just not as a wife. 

Question: What Does Red Symbolize in Mulan?

Answer: Red is a powerful motif that is seen prominently in the 1998 film, and some in the 2020 film. Typically, red represents power, passion, and anger. In Mulan, it’s said to reflect the hue of fire and also happiness. This shows the multiple dimensions of Mulan. She is at once fiery and spirited and also full of love for her family and her country. 

Final Thoughts

The 2020 Mulan film may not have been as successful as some hoped, but the original story of Mulan lives on. Mulan considers to inspire with her courage and unique story, and there are countless collections of merchandise to celebrate that. From classic dolls to casual t-shirts and even home decor, this year is perfect to bring Mulan into your home. 

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