Loungefly Captain America 80th Anniversary Crossbody Bag Review and Guide

One of the first articles I ever wrote was a Captain America merch guide, and whilst writing it, I became enamored with many of the products. However, the one I just couldn’t get out of my head was this Loungefly Captain America 80th Anniversary Cross-Body Bag (henceforth referred to as the ’80th Anniversary bag’).

I longed for it from the moment I set my eyes on it, and as soon as I got my first paycheck, I went to purchase one for myself. I had no regrets, and it was truly love at first sight. To this day, it’s the single fanciest bag I own. I’ve never needed another one as this one makes me so happy.

In this review and guide, I’ll help you make a purchasing decision to see if this bag is right for you. I’ll talk you through all the important aspects, including my insights from having used the bag for around 1.5 years. So, buckle up, let’s talk accessories!

Is it Worth Buying?

  • Price – $90-100
  • Materials – High quality, environmentally friendly, vegan materials including cotton embroidery, chenille, and faux leather
  • Size – 9.9” W x 8.7” H x 4.25” D
  • Would I recommend it? Yes, I think this bag is excellent. I’ve had a wonderful experience with it

What Makes Loungefly So Special?

In the same way that fashionistas revere brands such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci, nerds know that Loungefly is the undisputed champion of fandom accessories. Best known for their purses and bags, Loungefly have been perfecting their skills for over 2 decades.

Whilst they’re perhaps most popular for their Disney products, they’ve branched out into several fandoms including Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel. They’re constantly expanding their product range, and have accessories themed around brands as a whole, as well as individual characters.

Two main factors set Loungefly apart from others in the nerdy accessory niche. The first is quality. Every item they make uses carefully chosen materials and is sewn flawlessly. You won’t find loose threads or anything like that. They have exceptional quality control, meaning you can be confident that you’re purchasing something truly spectacular.

The second factor is the incredible designs that they come out with. Loungefly are masters of capturing the essence of fandoms. They have bold, beautiful designs that immediately catch your attention and excite your imagination. Their use of vivid, vibrant colors allows you to experience the full joy of a themed accessory.

They also cater to all sorts of aesthetic preferences. Some of their products are really in-your-face with busy designs that go overboard with showcasing a franchise. Others are more subtle, which allows fans to show their love for a fandom without it being too noticeable to the general public.

The range of products means that fans can find something that suits their needs. There are different styles of bags, as well as smaller items like purses and wallets. The one downside is that the products are often rather expensive, so some fans may struggle to find an item within their budget.

Why Choose Captain America?

Loungefly Captain America 80th Anniversary Crossbody Bag design
The branding is spot-on. / Image by Melika Jeddi

So, you know you want a fandom bag, but with all the possible options, why go for Captain America? I understand that indecision, believe me. I’d been eyeing up Loungefly products for years, always umming and ahhing over whether to purchase a particular item.

But from all the fandoms I love, Captain America is one of my absolute favorite characters. I like Batman slightly more, but I felt that Cap’s aesthetic was more my style. I adore most superhero content, but the MCU is probably my favorite overall franchise. And within it, Captain America stands out to me.

I love that he represents my perfect superhero. He’s powerful, sure, but that’s not what makes him special to me. What I love is his commitment to doing what’s right, no matter what. Some people complain that he’s idealistic, but that’s one of the main reasons I like him. I think a true superhero should be idealistic. I’m exhausted from all the brooding, cynical superheroes. Captain America gives me the feeling of hope and justice that I connected with as a child when I was first introduced to superheroes.

Obviously, you should choose a bag that represents your own favorites, but if you’re on this article, then you’re at least considering getting this Captain America bag, so I hope I can sway you. Cap is brave, loyal, optimistic, and has all those other wonderful qualities that you’d expect to find in a superhero. But he’s also, funny, entertaining, and compassionate. Overall, he’s a character I’m honored to show my love for by wearing a themed accessory.

What Can I Expect From the Bag?

Alright, let’s get into the specifics of the 80th Anniversary bag. It’s got plenty of cool features that set it apart from others, so I’m going to talk about what you can expect if you decide to purchase it. I’ve split this section into what I deem to be the most important factors when considering whether to purchase this product.


loungefly Captain America Cross-Body bag 80th anniversary symbols
It’s awesome to think that Captain America has been around for 80 whole years! / Image by Melika Jeddi

In a 21st century world, a product’s materials are a very important consideration. We live in a world of fast fashion, where you can buy a bag or item of clothing for less than an hour’s wage. The downside of those cheap items is that you get what you pay for, and your item won’t last very long. So you have to balance price with quality.

Loungefly couldn’t be further from fast fashion, and it’s committed to using high-quality materials that will last for as long as possible. They’re also environmentally conscious, which I love to see from a company. Best of all, they use faux leather in their bag, which is important to me as a vegan, seeing as I don’t want an animal to be killed just for me to enjoy a product. It’s excellent that you can enjoy Loungefly products without having to compromise your morals.

I was very nervous when I first received my bag as I had forgotten to check the materials before I purchased it. When I saw the leather handles and sides, I was worried that I’d inadvertently purchased real leather. It felt so realistic, it’s thick and holds its shape, and feels smooth to the touch. Thankfully, I was able to check on their website and find out that it’s faux leather. It’s really incredible to feel the quality, I honestly believed it was the real thing.

It also features denim in a very tasteful way. The textured blue material is the perfect backdrop for the carefully embroidered cotton details, evoking class and elegance. I know that denim isn’t something that would normally be considered classy, but I promise it works with this bag.

Its key feature is the chenille shield on the front, which is masterfully woven. It’s fluffy to the touch, although I’ll admit it’s not as soft as I thought it would be. However, I think this was a smart choice, as had they used an overly soft chenille, it wouldn’t have had the durability for repeated use.

At first, I was worried about wearing it out in the rain as I was worried the chenille wouldn’t be waterproof and would get ruined. I was very careful, but one day it started raining when I was already out. I was relieved to see that the chenille held up just fine, and didn’t lose its fluffiness. The one thing to be aware of in that respect is that there’s a gap between the start of the zip and the edge of the bag, meaning that rain can find its way inside.


loungefly Captain America Cross-Body 80th anniversary  bag shield
The chenille shield on the front was what took this from a maybe to a must-buy for me. / Image by Melika Jeddi

This thing is truly a work of art. I was struck by its incredible beauty when I first saw it, it was unlike any Loungefly bag I’d ever seen before. I ended up buying it a few days later, as I couldn’t stop thinking about how gorgeous it was. I mean, just look at it!

It radiates femininity without being overly girly. Although I do think it’s definitely aimed at girls, I think a guy could still wear it without it seeming unusual (plus I disagree with gender norms anyway). Although it’s definitely very candid about being Captain America themed, it does so in a way that doesn’t come across obnoxious.

The colors are perfect. It uses red, white, and blue to extraordinary effect. You wouldn’t look at it and think it only uses three colors, but it does! They’re just balanced so well that it never seems dull or monochromatic. I’m glad they didn’t include extra colors, as it helps accentuate the Captain America theme.

The embroidered flowers are definitely my favorite element. Growing up, I was never into floral patterns, but as an adult, I’ve found a deep appreciation for them. When utilized correctly, flowers can create a sense of beauty and wonderment. They can be overused, but with the 80th Anniversary bag, there’s the perfect amount. You can enjoy the flowers without being overwhelmed by them.

Inside the bag, there’s a simple print of dark brown symbols on red cotton. The symbols are a repeating pattern of two designs. One says ’80 YEARS’ and the other is a simple outline of Cap’s shield. The symbols are evenly spaced, and the empty space creates a harmonious effect that ties the design together.

The back is very simplistic, but I love that. It’s an excellent counterbalance to the detailed design on the front. The entire back is denim, and about 80% of it is left plain. However, in the top middle is a small metal plate depicting both the Marvel and Loungefly logos. It’s surrounded by an applique floral mural with a few white dots and 2 white stars. I love it just as much as I do the front of the bag.


loungefly logo captain america 80th anniversary bag
I love how simple the design on the back is compared to the front. The logo plate is perfect. / Image by Melika Jeddi

One of the 80th Anniversary bag’s strengths is also one of its biggest weaknesses. You get a 2-in-1 with this product, as it’s both a cross-body bag and a handbag. When it comes to the handbag side of things, it’s flawless, and I’ll get to that in a bit. However, the downside is that it’s much smaller than most cross-body bags.

Back when I was a student, cross-body bags were my go-to. They were ‘cooler’ than backpacks, and being as nerdy as I was, I’d take any extra street cred that I could get. I would use cross-body bags to carry all my notebooks, my laptop, my lunch, etc. It would all fit in perfectly comfortably. Whereas with the 80th Anniversary bag, you can’t get anywhere near that much stuff in as it’s only the size of a handbag.

However, when viewed as a wearable handbag, it’s fantastic. The reason I never use handbags is because I hate holding things, I like to have my hands free at all times. So being able to just swing it on over my shoulder is perfect. It’s a good size compared to most handbags, with its dimensions being: 9.9” W x 8.7” H x 4.25” D.

I love the way the strap is incorporated. It can be attached or detached using a simple carabiner on either end of the strap. There are small metal rings on the sides of the handbag which it attaches to. The great thing about this is that if you choose to use it as a handbag, then the metal rings are barely noticeable. But it’s also very convenient to turn it back into a cross-body bag.

Inside, it has two pockets, one on the front and one on the back. The one on the front is loose, so you can just slip things in and out. It’s useful for smaller items such as receipts or bus tickets. The pocket on the back seals with a zip, and is great for more expensive small items such as phones or credit cards.

My Honest Thoughts After Using It

Loungefly Captain America 80th Anniversary Crossbody Bag pocket
The zipped pocket inside came in really handy if I needed somewhere to store my phone on a day where I was wearing clothes without pockets. / Image by Melika Jeddi

I bought this bag in February 2022, so I’ve had it for quite a while now. It’s seen plenty of use, as I couldn’t keep a beauty like this locked up in the house. You can rest assured that I know what I’m talking about, so I’m here to give you my honest user experience.

My favorite thing about the 80th Anniversary bag is that it signals to everyone around me that I’m a Captain America fan. It makes me excited to know that other nerds will see me and immediately know what I’m about. In fact, I’ve even had compliments from complete strangers whilst wearing this bag! My nerdy friends were all suitably impressed as well, and it makes for a great conversation starter.

I also feel a connection to other people wearing fandom items. One time, I was out walking with my bag and saw a stranger who had Loungefly’s mini backpack version of the 80th Anniversary bag. It took all my self-restraint not to shout “Bag buddies!” at her. It was so cool seeing someone else with a bag so similar to mine. I feel the same way when I see people wearing other unrelated Loungefly items, I love knowing that they’re also passionate about their fandoms.

The size is alright but can be a bit limiting depending on the situation. I used it every day during my Masters degree, and it was ideal for that. It could fit my A5 notebook, my pens, and a couple of snacks, which was all I really needed it for. I also like wearing it to comic conventions as it’s my fanciest, nerdiest accessory. However, if I was going to be getting an autograph or photograph at the convention then it was no good, as I wouldn’t be able to safely store a print inside.

The materials have held up remarkably well for the amount of use this bag has had. The stitching on the outside is flawless, and there’s not even a single scuff mark on the faux leather. Inside, there are a couple of loose threads on the pockets, but that’s to be expected. Given how many times I would take things in and out of the pockets, or try to fit in items that were slightly too big, it’s a wonder it’s not frayed much more than it is.

Pros and Cons

Loungefly Captain America 80th Anniversary Crossbody Bag cons
I really don’t understand why these gaps were there, it detracts from an otherwise excellent bag. / Image by Melika Jeddi

So, now that you have a better idea of what to expect from the 80th Anniversary bag, let’s go over the pros and cons so that you can make a purchasing decision.


  • Gorgeous design – I cannot emphasize enough how stunning this bag is. Every element of it works perfectly together, creating such an elegant and beautiful overall effect. There’s not a single thing I would change about the appearance of this bag, I utterly adore it.
  • Vegan and environmentally friendly – I’m very conscious of my impact on the planet, and I tend to avoid luxury goods since rampant capitalism is destroying the climate. However, I’m more than happy to support Loungefly since their company ideals encompass kindness to animals and to the environment.
  • Can be a handbag or a cross-body bag – The detachable strap is definitely a strong selling point for this bag. It’s great to have the option to either wear or carry this bag, and it makes it accessible to a wider audience. Depending on your preferences, you can style this bag in the way that’s right for you.
  • Shows your love for Captain America – Cap deserves love. He did so much to defend Earth and he was such a committed superhero. If there’s anyone worthy of being represented in your accessories, it’s that guy. This bag allows you to proudly demonstrate your love for one of Earth’s mightiest heroes.


  • Rather pricey – It’s hard to find official stockists that have this in stock, as it was first sold in 2021 and has been very popular. This means you’ll usually have to buy it from a reseller where the price can be hiked up considerably to $150-200. However, even if you find it from an official stockist, you’re still looking at around $90-100 depending on the shop you buy from.
  • There’s a gap between the zip and the edge – I’m not sure why they made this design choice. The zip is attached to an extra piece of faux leather in the middle which meets the front and back, but not the sides, leaving a gap of a couple of inches on either side. It means that small items could potentially fall out if your bag fell over. It also means that the stuff inside will get wet if you use the bag in the rain.
  • A little bit small – This bag isn’t tiny, and it would be unfair for me to characterize it as such. It’s a decent size for day-to-day life, it’s just small for a cross-body bag. You won’t be able to fit an A4 notebook or a laptop in here, so think carefully about what your intended use would be. This is great for a trip to the shops, but won’t be very useful for most student activities.

Alternative Bag Options

If you like the bag but aren’t quite sold on it, I’ve found some potential other options for you. I’ve stuck with Loungefly as I feel they are the gold standard of fandom bags, and you’re not going to find a cheaper alternative that’s on the same level in terms of quality. Here are my top suggestions:

  • Loungefly Captain America 80th Anniversary Mini Backpack – If you love the design of the 80th Anniversary bag, but don’t like the cross-body style, then this might be better for you. It has an almost identical appearance, but it’s a mini backpack instead. Its dimensions are 8″ W x 9.5″ H x 4.5″ D, so it can’t fit quite as much stuff as the cross-body bag, but you can wear it on your back.
  • Loungefly Metallic Captain America Mini Backpack – If you love Captain America but aren’t keen on the design, then you may prefer this less subtle offering also from Loungefly. It’s very in-your-face, with shiny metallic silver and blue radiating from almost every angle. The red faux leather does little to tone it down, so you can guarantee that this bag will catch people’s eyes. The metal logo plate proudly reads ‘The Infinity Saga’, so if phase 3 of the MCU was your favorite, then perhaps this bag could be for you.
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Cross-Body Bag – If you love the idea of a cross-body bag, but you’re not sure that Captain America is the best theme for you, then you may prefer this Black Panther themed bag instead. It has a sleek blue and navy design featuring geometric shapes reminiscent of Wakanda. On the front, there’s a large silver embellishment with the Black Panther mask. Overall, this is a stunning design that looks super classy. The main difference between this and the 80th Anniversary bag (aside from the theme) is that the Black Panther one doesn’t double as a handbag.


There you have it! As you can tell, I really love this bag, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. I’d never really cared about owning branded items before this one, but now I feel so happy to finally have a Loungefly bag. It was always a dream of mine, and the Captain America 80th Anniversary cross-body bag was the perfect product to fulfill that dream.

It’s excellent across so many factors – high-quality materials, stunning appearance, wonderful interpretation of the Captain America theme, and super practical to use. I honestly would say it’s worth every cent, despite its high price tag. This is a bag that will last you a long time and bring you so much joy.

Hopefully, this review and guide has given you a better idea of whether this product is right for you. I’m always conscious to share my own experiences in a way that will help others make the best purchasing decisions. So even though I personally love it, I’ve tried to convey the negatives as well to help others make the best choice for them.

If you decide to get a Captain America bag, then you’ll need some apparel to go with it. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered! Check out this guide to the best Captain America shirts!


Question: When was Captain America First Introduced?

Answer: Our beloved hero made his debut appearance in March 1941. It was in Captain America Comics #1, written by Joe Simon and illustrated by Jack Kirby.

Question: What is Captain America’s Shield Made Out of?

Answer: His famous shield is made of a vibranium alloy. Vibranium is a nigh-indestructible metal sourced from the fictional country of Wakanda. The shield was gifted to Cap by Howard Stark.

Question: Is Loungefly Owned by Disney?

Answer: Loungefly have licenses with many Disney properties, but they’re not actually owned by them. In reality, they’re owned by Funko, a company well-known for its collectibles.

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