James Gibson

James is our resident Youtube expert, with a watch time on the platform that exceeds even the most dedicated fan of YT influencers, and he has the merch to show for it. Whether you are on the hunt for Sidemen clothing, some Yootooz, or anything Youtbe related, he's your guy!

DanTDM Merch guide

When I think about the early days of YouTube and YouTube gaming, one thing stands out: Minecraft content. Gaming channels that centered themselves around this game were the biggest things on the platform for many years, pulling in millions of views with seemingly little effort.  Some channels that specialized in this content have slightly fallen

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PewDiePie Merch Guide

Way back in the early days of YouTube, when channels continually challenged one another for YouTube’s top spot, a new channel was created in April 2010 by the Swedish-born creator Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a PewDiePie. This channel would grow to dominate the platform, rising to take the most subscribed title within four short years and holding

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Sidemen Merch Guide

When I began watching YouTube for the first time, as an eleven-year-old from the UK, I was immediately directed to and obsessed with the video content being produced by JJ/KSI and the other members of the Sidemen.  The content they were making at the time was unprecedented, and the group dynamic was something that I

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MrBeast Merch Guide

Bottom Line Up Front MrBeast is one of the most popular figures on YouTube, and this popularity has come from his savvy business mind and loveable personality. Along with his great content, he also produces some amazing pieces of merch, which you can check out below. As a content creator and business mogul, Jimmy Donaldson,

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