Jessie from Toy Story Costume Ideas

Are you a fan of the Yodelling Cowgirl from one of the best Disney movies? If you don’t know who I’m talking about, maybe this article is not for you. Instead, it’s for every Jessie fan out there who would love to try putting together a suit that represents one of Toy Story’s most beloved characters. If you want to dress like Jessie and have no idea where to start, I’m here to help you.

Bottom Line Upfront

Man, it’s hard to pick my favorite, but I’d have to go with the Ready for a Barn Dance? idea because I just appreciate a good cosplay job. This chick nailed it, and I can see the hard work that went into the costume.

Top Picks

Creative and Fun Jessie from Toy Story Costume Ideas

I chose a selection that would appeal to people of all sorts of ages and body sizes. I hope you find a costume idea that works for you!

#01 Ready for a Barn Dance?

Jessie Costume
Image from Instagram: lau_paint_the_sky

If you ever have to attend a barn-themed costume party (hey, it could happen), Jessie’s outfit seems like the perfect idea to try. We all know that Jessie is very fond of dancing. Toy Story 3’s end credits sequence shows Jessie dancing with Buzz and Woody before their departure to Japan, indicating that she is a confident dancer.

#02 Outfit Reinterpretation

Jessie Outfit Reinterpretation
Image from Instagram: _ddenisee_

Even if Jessie is known for her long blue jeans, there’s no one saying you can reinterpret this outfit and give it a touch or your spark. What I love about this outfit is that the creator got some fleece with a cow pattern and attached it to her skirt to have as many of the original costume’s details as possible. All the elements are a reinterpretation of what we remember Jessie wearing in Toy Story 2.

#03 Cow Prints All Over

Jessie Couple Costume
Image from Instagram: summer_hess

If you want your Jessie costume to be wacky, you can ditch the blue jeans and go with cow print pants all over! Nothing speaks cowgirl like pants with a cow print. Plus, the white and black pants are easier to match with other colors you intend to wear. While some of these costume elements are different than the original, the color palette remains pretty much the same, with red and white also making an entry.

#04 Perfect Details

As a perfectionist, I am in love with the details of this Jessie costume. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that the back of the shirt even has Jessie’s drawstring, a remarkable detail you don’t usually see in many cheap Jessie outfits. So, whether you’re headed to a Comicon and want to rock Jessie’s outfit or impress everyone this Halloween with a suit that’s rich in detail, you will love this option.

#05 Jessie’s Fire-Red Hair

If there’s one thing that people think about when they picture Jessie, it’s her long red braided hair with a yellow bow. Thank god for the internet, as you can now order your very own playful yarn hair. Of course, you could always make it yourself, as you’ll mostly need some yarn and some free time. It looks best when paired with Jessie’s cowgirl hat.

#06 Baby Jessie

Jessie Child Costume

This character fascinates me because little girls and older women love to dress up like her. I’m in total awe of how pretty this reinterpretation of Jessie’s costume is. It’s perfect for summer, but you can easily transition it to the cooler months by adding a few layering pieces.

A complementing fabric is used to line the bodice completely. A fabulous must-have for your child’s wardrobe, this dress’s fabric, and embellishments are genuinely stunning.

#07 Baby Jessie Reloaded

Jessie Baby Costume
Image from Instagram: hairtodream

I’m not one for staring at baby pictures all day, but you have to admit that this little girl is just the most adorable thing you’ll see today. Some might argue that this is more of a Woody costume (since it comes with a sheriff badge on the hat) but let’s not forget that Jessie ends up with that badge herself (if you haven’t watched Toy Story, sorry for the spoiler, but what are you waiting for?).

#08 Basic Jessie Outfit

Granted, putting together a complete and accurate Jessie suit on short notice may be a little overwhelming. Since some good costumes tend to cost a lot, there’s nothing left to do but improvise. You can purchase certain clothes and accessories separately to save money. You can make your red hat, wear just any pair of blue jeans from the closet, and opt for boots or sneakers to match the outfit.

#09 Sexy Jessie

“Sexy” and “Jessie” are two words that I’m having a hard time putting together because Jessie isn’t what pops into my mind when I think about a sexy animated character. However, these Jessie costume reinterpretations can make anyone look sexy. I appreciate the versatility of this suit and the fact that, as long as you have a few details easily recognizable, there’s loads of room to play around with this costume.

#10 Couple’s Costumes

Jessie and Woody Costume
Image from Costume Works

Contrary to what some people (who haven’t watched Toy Story) believe, Jessie and Woody were not a couple. Instead, they had a friendship, an almost sibling-like relationship. However, due to their background, they look and dress similarly. That cracks open a whole world of possibilities when matching Halloween costumes for couples and siblings looking for a sensational idea.

#11 Dear Old Jessi

Did you know that Jessie is such a beloved Disney character that she also has cameos in other animated movies? For example, you can see her in Monster’s Inc when Boo gives Sulley a handful of toys. You can also see her on a poster in Meet the Robinsons. This might be your cue to dress as Jessie the next chance you’re invited to a costume party. If you have a white shirt you’re no longer wearing, here’s how to turn it into the perfect costume outfit.

#12 Tiny Jess

Cowgirl Jessie announces herself to us with a resounding and emotional “Yeehaw.” Jessie is a character in the “Toy Story” universe with a cheerful and upbeat exterior, but behind that, she is a troubled person. Jessie’s may be the most heartbreaking of all the terrible backstories in the “Toy Story” universe.

How Jessie was portrayed has raised empathy in many of the kids who saw the movies. If your little girl is one of those kids and would love to dress up as Jessie, you need to check out this adorable costume.

#12 YEE-HAH!

Simple but effective, that’s kind of my motto with everything in life. This costume from Spirit Halloween comes with all the accessories you need to make your simple Jessie costume this Halloween. Just add a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt, and you’re all set!

#13 Tulle Jessie Skirt

Toy Story 2 originally included a cactus named Senorita Cactus as one of the film’s key adversaries, not Jessie, who was scheduled to arrive in the sequel. The idea for a strong female character in Toy Story 2 came from John Lasseter’s wife Nancy, and Jessie was born as a result. And I’m so glad she was! Take a look at this adorable kid Jessie costume that features blue tulle! It’s like a Jessie, a princess, and a ballerina costume all in one!

#14 Miniature Costume

Jessie Miniature Costume
Image from Instagram: maybedaisyuk

Few things are as adorable as children’s Halloween costumes, and this tiny Jessie costume proves me right! Even if it’s not an identical replica of Jessie’s outfit, all the details are perfect, and you can immediately tell whose costume it is. I love the jeans and cow print skirt!

#15 Jessie Yarn Wig

Buying a red braided wig might be expensive, but making one using some red yarn for your Jessie costume is surely a budget-friendly choice. You don’t even have to make the entire wig. Just braid that yarn and use some wide tape to secure it to the hat to ensure it stays in place. Cheap, easy, and fast!

#16 Oh, Sandra!

Jessie Costume Sandra Bullock
Image from SheKnows

I need you to stop whatever you’re doing and look at the most adorable Jessie spotted in 2012 on the streets of LA. Sandra Bullock reprises her role as cowgirl Jessie from “Toy Story” as she and her son Louis enjoy Halloween. Every detail of her costume is perfect (in all fairness, she does have money to spend), and the fact that her son is dressed as Buzz just warms my heart.

What Is Jessie from Toy Story’s Outfit?

Jessie is described as being a cowgirl rag doll, similar to Woody. She has a very specific outfit, rich in details, and has long red hair braided with a yellow bow. If you want to recreate Jessie’s outfit, you’re going to need:

  • Green contact lenses (as Jessie has green eyes)
  • Brown plastic belt
  • Gold plastic belt buckle
  • Cow-spotted white chaps
  • Western-style shirt, white, long sleeves
  • Yellow blouse
  • Cuffs with red doodles
  • Blue jeans
  • Brown plastic cowgirl boots
  • Sheriff’s badge (in Toy Story 4)

Best Places to Shop for Costumes

Looking for places to shop for costumes? This list might help:

Tips for Making Your Own Jessie from Toy Story Costume

If you want to put together your own Jessie costume but you’re not sure where to start, I have some tips that might help you out in the process:

  • You don’t necessarily have to spend big. How about repurposing some existing pieces of clothing?
  • You don’t need to wear the Jessie hat and shirt. Feel free to mix colors and use a yellow neck bandana and a brown hat instead.
  • Use a pair of simple blue jeans.
  • You can Velcro the cow print on top of the jeans.
  • You can ditch the pants and opt for a skirt.
  • Pretty much any cowboy hat will do the trick.


Question: Is Jessie Woody’s Sister?

Answer: While Woody and Jessie have a sibling-like relationship, they are not related. The two develop a special bond. Even if they often argue, it’s clear that they are very fond of each other.

Question: Are Jessie and Buzz Dating?

Answer: Yes, kind of. They’re paired up in the series which would make a Jessie and Buzz combo much better for a couple’s costume idea. But you always see Jessie and Woody.

Question: What is Jessie From Toy Story’s Real Name?

Answer: Jessie’s full name is Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl. The brilliant actress Joan Cusack voices her.

Final Thoughts

“You never forget kids like Emily or Andy. But they forget you.”

Brave and human-like, it is no surprise that Jessie is a hit with Toy Story fans. Facing her fears and speaking the truth, she could be a role model to children watching Toy Story for the first time. If you were looking for Jessie from Toy Story costume ideas, go with the Ready for a Barn Dance? idea for the most impact! Then pop over to our site for even more great ideas to try this Halloween!

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