Stranger Things Hellfire Club Merch Guide

Now that you’ve watched and rewatched everything Stranger Things offers, you’re on the hunt for some of the latest season’s merch. The Hellfire Club was spotlighted in season four, and Eddie Munson became a legend.

I think that Eddie may just be the most liked character of the show, even though he was only around for season four. For only having been in one season, Eddie and the Hellfire Club certainly have quite the collection of merch for purchase. You can find everything from Stranger Things Monopoly to Hellfire Club onesies.

“I didn’t run away this time, right? I’m actually going to graduate? I think it’s my year, Henderson.”

— Eddie Munson, March 27, 1986

Bottom Line

There is a tremendous amount of Hellfire Club merch out there. It all really just depends on what you’re looking for and how soon you need it. Loads of generic Stranger Things gear can be found, and with that said, you need to be careful of who you purchase through.

Not every company creates quality work. I suggest looking at the reviews on the products before you decide to purchase. Everything I’ve included in this list comes from reputable sellers. These are my top five rated, with one being the best.

  1. Stranger Things X Vans Hellfire Club Custom ComfyCush – these white slip-on shoes look great with the Hellfire Club doodles as the pattern.
  2. Stranger Things Hellfire Club Raglan Shirt – a legit and classic shirt from the show.
  3. Stranger Things Hellfire Club Eddie Munson’s Guitar Pick Necklace – this is a better version than the necklace I have linked in the article.
  4. Stranger Things Hellfire Club Eddie Munson Scrapbook Shirt – this one is unique, and the scrapbook look is reminiscent of the ’80s.
  5. Stranger Things Hellfire Club Funko Pop Shirt – Funko means collector. This shirt is cute and cool but will also be a collectible.

How I Made My Selection

  • When searching for the best of the best for you super fans, I try to think of everything that might go wrong or right with a product.
  • I only list products from reputable and trustworthy sellers.
  • I try to keep things in the affordable range, which isn’t easy with collectible items.
  • I want every gender, age group, and size to feel included, so I choose items for everyone.
  • I like to include the most unique merch I can find.
  • Since it’s currently back-to-school time, I have included some things for the scholars in our group of nerds.
  • I find what I believe to be the best, and then I point out the flaws, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The Greatest Hellfire Club Merch Available

#01 Stranger Things Eddie Munson Girls Tee Shirt – Hot Topic

Eddie Munson T-Shirt

This super cool girlie shirt from Hot Topic displays Eddie Munson, leader of the Hellfire Club, in all of his metal-loving glory. The background is Vecna’s playground with lightning bolts and a scary red sky. Eddie is seen wearing his Hellfire Club shirt under his essential 80’s cutoff jean jacket vest. To me, this stands out as an “Eddie the heartthrob” shirt geared toward silly teenagers, but I wouldn’t mind owning it!


  • The design has great coloring. The sky looks like Vecna would love it.
  • The realistic detail on Eddie is superb, and this shirt’s decal almost looks like a photograph.
  • The shirt comes in sizes small through xx-large.
  • It is made with super soft, lightweight cotton.


  • Not everyone wants a black shirt, and that’s the only color this one comes in.
  • Eddie’s expression just doesn’t look crazy enough to me.
  • I think I see one bat on the shirt, but this would be better in the swarm of demobats were coming up behind him.
  • The shirt does run small, so make sure to size up.
  • The shirt is junior-sized, so may not fit all adults. The shirt runs on the smaller side anyway, so make sure to size up.

#02 Hellfire Club Bib for Baby – Netflix 

Everyone is going to love your little monster slayer in this adorable bib! Well, maybe not everyone. If you have any new mom Stranger Things fans in your life, this would make an excellent gift.


  • High-quality embroidered patchwork, not screen print.
  • Comes with a hook and eye closure.
  • Made out of super soft ringspun cotton jersey from India.
  • Will not show messes as easily as a white bib.
  • The patchwork is 4×4 inches.


  • Again, no color options.
  • Not returnable.
  • Square bib, not round like many people prefer.

#03 Stranger Things x Butcher Billy The Hellfire Club Poster – Netflix

Pretty legit Stranger Things poster that’s an awesome throwback to the ’80s Nightmare on Elm Street. Equipped with the scary Vecna hand or claws, the Hellfire Club logo, and the sweet saying, “It’s time for your suffering to end.” This is a full-sized movie poster at 24×36″. There is also a smaller 18×24″ sized poster available for a slightly cheaper price.


  • Museum quality poster on thick, durable matte material.
  • The detail in the imagery is very good quality.
  • It definitely has an 80’s flare to it with the black outline of the girl’s face and the random but important objects thrown in for effect.
  • Get this poster, find out where the Stranger Things crew will be next signing autographs, and take this baby to see them. It will be worth money.


  • What’s going on with the basketball? Is light reflecting off of it? Is it exploding? I’m confused.
  • It could just be how the poster was laid out, and the light hit it while being photographed, but the sections look strange, almost like they are separated by faint lines.
  • Not a cheap poster, but I suppose it is worth it. Especially if you do what I instructed; get it autographed and keep it safe for 20 years.
  • I wish the crew was on this poster. I understand the Freddie Kruger throwback, but I hope there are other Stranger Things posters out there with the gang on them.

#04 Stranger Things Hellfire Club Eddie Munson as a Rock God Shirt – Hot Topic

This kind of reminds me of the book covers with Fabio on them. It’s hilarious. This super muscular Eddie is standing with a badass cutoff jean jacket made vest as his devil sign made by his hand is emphasized by the fierce bolt of lightning that surrounds it. This has all of the magic the ’80s held. His beautiful, flowing mane paired with his standing on the skulls of his enemies, just screams metal god!


  • This is comical but awesome because it is very on point with everything in the ’80s.
  • The sky is well done in true Vecna style.
  • Eddie looks like he drank the special juice and beefed up in a serious way.
  • This depiction of Eddie looks like he designed it himself trying to look super tough and badass.


  • Only comes in men’s sizes.
  • I like the gangly skinny Eddie much better.
  • The grid and orange striped background in a little odd.
  • Once again, only comes in black. Doesn’t anyone like charcoal or heather grey?
  • This needs to be a poster.

#05 Stranger Things Hellfire Club Raglan Tee Shirt – Hot Topic

I think this is my favorite version of the half-sleeve raglan Hellfire Club authentic shirts. I love the little doodles of the Dungeons & Dragons dice and the weapons to choose from in the game. It would make a great present for any Stranger Things fans.

There is plenty of knock-off Hellfire shirts out there, and there is nothing wrong with that, but this is a branded Stranger Things shirt from the Netflix Merch store and is also stocked at Hot Topic. Pay attention to the shirt’s material if you are looking toward the off-brand choices. You want spun cotton or raglan for that super soft and cozy feel.


  • The Dungeons & Dragons icon sketches look great and add to the Hellfire Club’s meaning.
  • I like the simple black, white and red coloring.
  • The font and logo are bigger and bolder on this shirt.
  • The sketched stars make it look like a high school doodle, which is really what it is.


  • This shirt only comes in men’s sizes.
  • The shirt is made of cotton but not the super soft spun kind. This is a basic shirt.

#06 Stranger Things Hellfire Club Scrapbook Tee Shirt – Hot Topic

Once again, we see that solid logo of the Hellfire Club followed by some sketches of D&D weapons. This shirt also has a cute sketch of the Demogorgon’s face open, a full body sketch of the Demogorgon, an anarchy sign, and a few stars.

I really like the picture of the boys sitting at the cafeteria discussing the future of the Hellfire Club. Those were the good ‘ol days when they were all happy, and sort of delusional before Vecna ruined everything, including the town of Hawkins.


  • This is a happy memory of crazy Eddie doing crazy stuff in the school cafeteria while telling the boys that they would be the next leaders of the Hellfire Club once Eddie graduates finally.
  • I like the black and white picture made to look like it is in a scrapbook.
  • The scrapbook tape is a nice detail. It says Hellfire Club and 1985.
  • I love the little doodles of the D& D stuff with the Demogorgon.
  • The shirt is made from super soft spun cotton.


  • They should have left the original font for Hellfire Club on this shirt.
  • It might look better if they had put the stranger Things logo on the front and this scrapbook entry on the back of the shirt.
  • Only comes in men’s sizes.

#07 Stranger Things Hellfire Club Metallica Hoodie – Netflix

Of course, there would have to be a Metallica reference on this fan merch. At the end of Eddie’s time, he plays a solo of Metallica’s Master of Puppets. Not only is this the most amazing ending of a character, but the whole scene is legendary. The demobats chase Eddie on his bike after he finishes his solo, but this time Eddie doesn’t run away. He keeps distracting and fighting the bats to save his friends some time.


  • If you are a fan of Metallica, you definitely need this shirt. It’s one of a kind.
  • The slightly different devil guy is more like Metallica and less like kid doodles.
  • Everybody likes hoodies. This could be an excellent present.
  • I like the size of the imagery on the hoodie. Sometimes hoodies have logos or artwork too big, and some of it is lost when you wear them.


  • Ouch. Not cheap but worth it.
  • Probably not as popular with the younger kids as some of the other merch.
  • It only comes in black, and these are men’s sizes.

#08 Vans X Stranger Things Hellfire Club Customizable Bookbag

This is one sweet bookbag! You can customize the color and design to an array of patterns, including three Stranger Things patterns. This specific pattern is for the Hellfire Club and has many small doodles of Hellfire Club logos, D&D paraphernalia, and Demogorgons. Vans has always made great bookbags and shoes. This looks like the coolest bag you’re going to see at school or anywhere this fall!


  • Anything made by Vans is a high-quality product.
  • The doodles are great and well done.
  • The coloring and patterns are great before you customize anything.
  • This looks to be very durable and may even see more than one school year.
  • You have the option to add a water bottle pocket or a suede bottom to your bag for an additional cost.


  • Hang on to your allowance! This bag isn’t too cheap.
  • I think the checkered red with the tan looks bad, but you can change it.
  • I wish the print didn’t repeat since it covers such a small area.
  • Customizing will cost you at least $20 more.
  • If you go crazy and do all of the extras and customize the patterns, this bag is going to set you back around $150.

#09 Stranger Things Hellfire Club Watch Band for Smart Watches – Amazon

This is really cool and looks great. If I wore a watch, I would absolutely get this. Another awesome holiday gift idea for your Stranger Things crew. This watch band even has a Demogorgon drawn as a classic Americana tattoo. It stands out, has great doodle coloring, and looks like it would last a while.


  • Excellent bold outlined doodles with vibrant coloring.
  • The watch band looks to be sturdy.
  • It is unisex and even fits most smartwatches.
  • It’s made with UV and sweat-resistant silicone.
  • You can go to the company’s website and download Stranger Things watch faces for free.


  • If your watch becomes damaged by this watchband, the company is not responsible.
  • Not hand sanitizer friendly, so try to keep the sanitizer only on your skin.
  • The sizing goes from 5.5 – 8.2 inches which may not fit everyone’s wrist.

#10 Stranger Things Hellfire Club Baseball Shirt for Toddlers – Netflix

Now, you can dress your baby in the Hellfire Club bib and your toddler in this adorable baseball shirt. They are sure to get their grandparent’s attention wearing this. This is the same design as the adult shirts that match the one that Eddie and the crew wore in the show.


  • Just think of how cute your little demon will look sporting this shirt.
  • It is made of super soft cotton raglan.
  • Sizing is from 2T – 5/6, so you can purchase many as they grow.
  • The shirttail hem is a nice touch and will make your little one look extra cute.


  • They don’t seem to have children’s sizes other than this. I might not be looking hard enough, though.
  • Your child will likely trash this shirt within minutes if they are anything like a normal messy child. Hold off on the pudding until they’re wearing something less awesome.
  • If your child has any sensory issues, they may not be wild about the half sleeves.

#11 Hellfire Club 2 Pack of Vinyl Stickers – Amazon

I love stickers. You can put these just about anywhere because they are good vinyl stickers that last a long time, even if exposed to the sun or water. Put one on your car, your notebook, and anywhere else that looks like it needs one. They are inexpensive, and I’m betting there are tons of sizes and variations out there if you look.


  • The stickers are 5.5 inches, and that’s the perfect size for the back of your car or notebook.
  • They have a 5+ year life span if cared for properly.
  • The stickers have a high-quality UV protection layer, so they will not fade in the sun.
  • They look really great with the clear backing. Perfect for any bumper or thermos.


  • They can be tricky to place so be sure to clean the area with alcohol first and make sure it isn’t hot from the sun.
  • If you mess up, you will have to peel and scrape the sticker off, followed by some glue remover.

#12 Stranger Things Hellfire Club Eddie Munson’s Guitar Pick Necklace – Amazon

We probably all know someone who had a similar necklace like this back in high school. Eddie Munson was one of those people, and he wore it with pride. This replica can come with Eddie written on it or without. There are many other companies making Eddie’s guitar pick necklace. If you’re a bit of a guitar-playing aficionado yourself and are feeling crafty, you can make one of these bad boys at home.


  • The guitar pick necklace is timeless and fashionable for everyone.
  • If you’re ever in a bind and can’t find your guitar pick, this necklace will save the day.
  • The chain is made of stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic to most people.
  • The pick looks like a genuine Fender pick minus the logo.


  • It’s likely made in China and may be cheaply done.
  • The chain is not a ball chain like Eddie wears in the show but there are plenty out there with a ball chain.

#13 Stranger Things 4 Eddie Munson Scrapbook Photos – Amazon

This is a generic shirt, but it’s one of a kind with seven great scrapbook-style photos of the hero, Eddie Munson. He is, of course, wearing the ever-so-important Hellfire Club shirt in each photo. You can choose from three similar colors and men’s, women’s, or children’s sizing!


  • Finally, a Stranger Things Eddie Munson shirt for all sizes and ages.
  • Reviews all say the shirts are very soft and comfortable and the design is very well done.
  • This is a bit different than the other Stranger Things shirts, which I personally think makes it all the cooler.
  • I’m glad there’s a tee shirt color selection, even if it is small.
  • I like the little Hellfire Club doodles on the shirt.


  • I bet if you aren’t careful drying this shirt, the image on the front will wear away or crack. Probably best to air dry and tumble for a couple of minutes to get the softness of the shirt back.
  • Sizing may run a little small on the women’s shirts, so order one size up.

#14 Stranger Things 4 The Piggyback Eddie Munson Poster Tee Shirt – Amazon

As Eleven says, she must piggyback in order to communicate with her friend Max who is in serious trouble, and defeat Vecna. Since she does not have a way in, she gets into Max’s mind, and with Vecna also there, Eleven is able to defeat him again. Of course, Eddie is on this poster-style tee shirt with his guitar screaming the solo to Master of Puppets as he challenges the demobats to follow him so his friends can escape. Definitely one of the best episodes.


  • This shirt comes in many different colors.
  • It also comes in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes for the whole family.
  • Sizing is from extra small all the way up to extra extra extra large in men’s and women’s. The children’s sizing is 2T – 4T and extra small up to large.
  • You can also get the image on the front of the shirt on a hoodie, tank top, and various other merchandise.


  • Some reviews state that the picture on the front of the shirt is a bit blurry.
  • It is a little hard to tell what some of the things in the picture are supposed to be.

#15 Funko Pop Stranger Things Hellfire Club Raglan Shirt – Netflix

This limited edition shirt sold by Funko will light up any collector’s eyes. It’s probably going to be worth some money down the road if you can leave it in the case. Otherwise, it’s a great shirt with a Funko Pop rendition of the demon logo for the Hellfire Club. Two Dungeons & Dragons die can be seen as doodles on either side of the logo.


  • The Funko Pop demon is pretty cute.
  • The doodles add to the greatness of the shirt.
  • The three-quarter length sleeves are perfect for fall weather and perfect under a jacket.


  • This shirt is only available in men’s sizes, small through extra large.
  • The shirt is 100% cotton, so be careful washing and drying because it could shrink.

#16 Stranger Things X Vans Custom Hellfire Club ComfyCush Slip-On Shoes

I absolutely love these and will be purchasing them ASAP! I’m sure you can find deals on them through Journey’s or even on the Vans website. This is very similar to the print on the bookbags made by Vans.

I really like those, too. You could have both for this school year and match. These are also available in Pizza Surferboy print and the Upside Down print. These are an upgrade from the usual Vans slip-on shoes in that they have extra cushioning and support.


  • Very well made and sturdy.
  • A stain-resistant spray is available to help keep your new kicks looking brand new for longer.
  • You are able to mix and match patterns with this shoe and customize it as you see fit.
  • Made out of super comfy (hence the name) insole material to make your feet happy.


  • You are going to pay extra for this level of coolness. These are not cheap.
  • They are light colored, and even with their special cleaning spray, I doubt these will stay this color for long.
  • If you choose to customize your slip-on shoes, it will take three to four weeks to get to you.


Question: Where can I Find the Best Hellfire Club Merchandise?

Answer: Target has a good supply online. Netflix and Hot Topic have a large number of licensed Stranger Things merchandise, including a bunch of Hellfire Club-specific merch. Amazon also has a wide array of Hellfire Club merch, though some of it is generic and may be a lower quality. You can never go wrong reading reviews about these products before purchasing them. Customers generally tell the truth.

Question: What’s up with Metallica and Stranger Things?

Answer: Basically, they collaborated once Stranger Things brought their 1986 hit Master of Puppets back into the limelight. Metallica was proud to be part of the Hellfire Club and made similar shirts with props to Eddie Munson.
“Eddie, this one’s for you,” tweeted the band of the collab. “We’re having the most metal meeting ever of The Hellfire Club so we’re scouting out ‘lost sheep’ and outsiders to join. Do you think you have what it takes? Then suit up.”
You can read more about it here.

Question: What is the Hellfire Club in Stranger Things 4?

Answer: The “Hellfire Club” is a Dungeons & Dragons-oriented society of Hawkins High students headed by Eddie Munson. Many Hellfire members also played in Eddie’s band, Corroded Coffin, while members Dustin, Mike, and Lucas were also members of a different D&D party. The Club is said to have started with Eddie in 1980 when he entered high school. Since he failed twice, he was there for all six years.

Question: What is Corroded Coffin?

Answer: Corroded Coffin is a band that Eddie Munson is the head of, which also includes his friends from the Hellfire Club; Eddie, Gareth, Jeff, and an unnamed freak. The band has been together presumably for the six years that Eddie Munson has been at Hawkins Highschool. Since he failed senior year twice, that accounts for the six years. They play every Tuesday at The Hideout in Hawkins. At one point, the band also performed for the high school talent show. Eddie invites Crissy to come see him play one Tuesday when they are hanging out in the woods.

Question: Why is it called the Hellfire Club?

Answer: The name most likely refers to Francis Dashwood’s Order of the Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe. Such clubs, rumor had it, served as the meeting places of “persons of quality” who wished to take part in what were socially perceived as immoral acts, and the members were often involved in politics. Clearly, Eddie and the gang were always up to some sort of shenanigans, trouble-making, and adventure-having. Read more here.


We will all miss Eddie Munson in season five. I hope the Hellfire Club fights back against the community that has labeled them as a satanic cult and wins the day in the end. It is now up to Dustin Henderson to collect lost sheep or kids who just don’t fit in for the future Hellfire Club.

Eddie was the founder, and with him gone, Dustin must step up as Dungeon Master. I am curious to see how season five plays out and what involvement the Hellfire Club will play in this last season of Stranger Things. I know I will be sad when it’s over. We can let Eddie live on through the tons of merch that has surfaced with his face on it or the Hellfire Club logo. Long live Eddie!

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