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Harry Potter is a beloved book and movie franchise that is held in high regard by fans all over the world. Unsurprisingly, Funko has capitalized on this popularity and created well over a hundred different Harry Potter Funko Pops. There are some absolutely fantastic Pops in the range, and pretty much any of them would be worthy of being purchased, but I’ve narrowed it down to only the best of the best for this guide article. I’ve separated the figures into different categories based on their relevance to the series, so there’s a decent range of main and side characters.

When selecting the Pops, I used a number of criteria. Firstly, the Pop had to be visually appealing. Secondly, the character needed to be a memorable part of the series, ideally linked to an entertaining scene. Finally, I wanted to account for a range of budgets, so some of the Pops on this list are easily affordable, whereas others are rarer and therefore more expensive. I hope you enjoy learning about the best Harry Potter Funko Pops!

My Top Picks

In case you don’t want to read all the way through, here are my top picks for Harry Potter funko pops.

  • Best Harry Funko Pop: 08 Harry Potter Quidditch
  • Best Ron Funko Pop: 56 Ron Weasley Herbology
  • Best Hermione Funko Pop: 11 Hermione Granger Yule Ball
  • Best Teacher Funko Pop: 52 Boggart as Snape
  • Best Other Funko Pop: 19 Draco Malfoy Quidditch

Why Should You Collect Harry Potter Funko Pops?

If you’re reading this article, then the chances are that you fall into one of three categories. 1- You like Harry Potter. 2- You like Funko Pops. 3- You like both. If you’re in the third category, you can skip this section as you won’t need convincing, but if you’re on the fence, allow me to explain why these are the perfect collectibles.

Funko Pops are fantastic to collect as they enable you to own multiple figures that look good together, as they all follow the same stylistic choice. They’re all of a similar height, they’re made of the same material, and there’s a consistent look across all their ranges. They’re also very affordable, usually falling somewhere between $10-15.

Although there are Pops for hundreds of different franchises, I think the Harry Potter ones are some of the best. Because it’s such a popular IP, they’ve been able to get really creative designs as there’s a massive market for them, and so they’re not limited to just one basic design per character.

They’ve also made at least one Pop for most of the characters in the series, so no matter who your favorite is, the chances are that you can own a collectible for them. The Pops often capture very special moments from specific films, so you can recall several wonderful scenes every time you look at your collection. Overall, I think Harry Potter Funko Pops are well worth collecting whether you’re a fan of Harry Potter or just really like collecting Funko Pops.

Best Harry Funko Pops

The boy who started it all! Although there’s an imaginative cast of characters throughout the Harry Potter series, the story would be incomplete without Harry himself. He’s a fantastic protagonist – brave, funny, and loyal to a fault. Unsurprisingly for playing such a significant role, Funko has made several Pops of Harry. Some of them are pretty standard designs, but others have a real depth of detail. Whilst I do definitely appreciate the classic look, I’ve chosen the ones that are more unique for this list.

08 Harry Potter Quidditch

Although not the very first Harry Pop, this is one of the earlier ones, and it’s definitely one of the best. When I think about the character of Harry Potter, I think of quidditch. It was his true skill and passion, and the quidditch scenes are some of my favorites in the entire Harry Potter series. The detail on this particular Funko Pop is phenomenal, and it’s one of the reasons I love it so much. Firstly, Harry’s iconic lightning bolt scar is very subtly crafted.

Instead of being painted on in a bright red paint that would spoil the immersion, it’s actually made with a slightly raised bit of vinyl that’s been very delicately painted with some light pink. The eyes are the standard black circles familiar to all Funko Pop collectors, but the glasses on top have been fitted perfectly to Harry’s head. The frames appear to be made of a different kind of black plastic, and they hold their position but do move if you bend them deliberately.

Harry Potter Quidditch Funko Pop
All the detail makes Harry look absolutely extraordinary. Photo by: Melika Jeddi

Harry has the classic red and gold quidditch robes that indicate his allegiance to Gryffindor. You can even see the house crest on Harry’s torso. The robes have black ties on the front made with textured vinyl. One thing that I really love to see on Funko Pops are extra props, and this one certainly delivers on that front. In one hand, he holds his Nimbus 2000 broom, the name of which can be found at the top of the handle in gold lettering.

The detailing is brilliant, and you can see the texturing on the individual bristles of the broom. Harry’s other hand is outstretched, and inside it, he holds the golden snitch, presumably fresh from a victorious match. Every aspect of this Pop has been beautifully crafted, down to the strapped gauntlets on his wrists, the thick quidditch boots, and even the insides of his robe are painted yellow.

I love that they take the time to decorate the features that you wouldn’t even see unless you were picking him up. This has to be one of my favorite Pops in my entire collection. Also, if you love this one, you might consider buying the similar Hot Topic exclusive, 19 Draco Malfoy Quidditch.

31 Harry Potter with Hedwig

This Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop is very much a classic Harry look. It appears to be based on the magical scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone where Harry lets Hedwig go flying in the snow. Harry’s scar is slightly more prominent than in the 08 Harry Potter Quidditch Pop, but it’s still a decent design, and it’s not so in-your-face that it looks out of place. It appears to use the same head mold as the Pop mentioned above, with the same hairstyle and black plastic glasses. However, the rest of the Pop is totally different.

For this one, Harry’s wearing a long black school robe that goes all the way down to his feet, which probably keeps him toasty and warm in the winter. He’s wearing grayish-white gloves over his hands and has a Gryffindor scarf wrapped neatly around his neck. I really like the way the tassels are designed on this scarf, and they look fantastic against the black of his robe. You can see the Gryffindor crest proudly emblazoned on Harry’s chest.

Harry’s balled one of his hands into a fist, and atop sits his beloved pet snowy owl, Hedwig. I really like that Hedwig has the same circular black eyes as most Funko Pop figures, despite her small stature here. It makes the overall design of this Pop feel consistent and completes the effect. Funko have put great care and effort into getting Hedwig’s wing pattern correct, and you can see the splotches of black on her feathers. This is a really tidy design that calls to mind a delightful movie moment.

Best Ron and Hermione Funko Pops

Where would Harry be without his two best friends to help him? Together they’re known as the Golden Trio, and Ron and Hermione play large parts in the story. Harry Potter certainly wouldn’t be the same without these two, so they’re definitely worth having in a collection. But with so many Pops to choose from, which ones should you go for? I’ve painstakingly considered all of the Ron and Hermione figures to determine the best ones for each of them. See which one takes your fancy!

11 Hermione Granger Yule Ball

I have been in love with this one ever since I first saw it years ago, and recently I was finally able to add it to my collection. One of my favorite scenes in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is that moment when Hermione walks down the stairs in that stunning dress, and all eyes are on her. Hermione’s beauty is often overlooked as she’s the bookish one, and so it was wonderful to have a scene that played into her femininity. This Funko Pop perfectly captures that moment.

Hermione Yule Ball Funko Pop
I’d wanted this one for years before I finally was able to buy it! Photo by: Melika Jeddi

I really love the details on this figure. Usually, the eyes on Funko Pops are just plain black circles, but this one has eyelashes to represent Hermione’s mascara. There’s also a very faint pink blush on her cheeks. This is really cleverly done, as it’s not so prominent as to look over the top and ridiculous, but instead, it’s wonderfully subtle and just accentuates the beauty of the figure. The hair, too, contains a lot of detail.

There are multiple indentations representing the natural waves of her hair, and the best part is how Funko has done the curls. They literally dangle down from the side of her head in a spiral, and the texture is brilliant. One thing I would say is that the ends of the curls are very thin, so you’d have to be careful not to accidentally break one of them. The back of the head shows an intricate hairstyle, pinned in place with two silver barrettes, one flower, and one star.

Hermione Yule Ball Funko Pop Back
I love that Funko put so much effort into making the back of the Pop look equally beautiful. Photo by: Melika Jeddi

However, the star of the show is the dress. It looks just like the one in the movie, and the ombré gradient from pale pink to purple is delightful. Obviously, vinyl isn’t as malleable as fabric, and so the ruffles aren’t as overlapping, but the effect is still brilliant. The ruffles go all the way around, and the dress extends slightly at the back, to give the idea of a train.

There’s even a thin purple ribbon around Hermione’s waist to complete the look. My only complaint about this Pop is that some of the joins are a bit obvious, such as where the shoulders meet the neck, and some of the curls, but overall this is an exceptional Funko Pop.

43 Hermione Granger with Time Turner

43 Hermione Granger with Time Turner

For me, when I think of Hermione, I think of this specific outfit. I always found that she seemed her most natural self in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and I honestly loved that a muggle-born was eschewing the usual magical dress code and just wearing jeans and a top. This Pop is set after she and Harry are attacked by the Whomping Willow, as she has a red scar across her face, just beneath her right eye.

Her hair hangs neatly around her head; it’s not overly styled, but I still think it looks beautiful. Her blue jeans are scuffed and muddy, a result of all the running around she’d had to do that day. She holds her wand aloft in her right hand, prepared to cast any spells that she may need to.

Around her neck is the mysterious time turner, which allows her to travel back in time. In the scene this Pop is based on, Harry and Hermione have travelled back three hours to try and rescue Buckbeak and Sirius Black, a task they’re thankfully successful at. This is a really great design and my second favorite Hermione Pop.

56 Ron Weasley Herbology


The greenhouse scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is definitely a memorable one. In it, the students have gathered around whilst Professor Sprout explains how to report mandrakes. A mandrake is a mysterious plant that screams when you pull it out of the ground, and that scream can be deadly to humans. As such, witches and wizards will need to wear a sturdy pair of earmuffs when working with them.

These are depicted in this Funko Pop of Ron Weasley, with a fuzzy gray fur design. Even though the eyes are familiar black circles, they seem exceptionally expressive because of the way the eyebrows have been drawn. His face conveys genuine concern, presumably about the dangerous nature of working with mandrakes.

He’s wearing the standard tan herbology robe, and you can see his Gryffindor tie underneath. In his right hand, he holds a squirming mandrake, ugly and screaming. The design of the mandrake is fantastic and really captures the grotesque nature of the plant. Overall, this is a delightful Pop, and I’m glad they chose this scene for the inspiration.

Best Teacher Funko Pops

Until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the stories are primarily set at Hogwarts. As you can expect from a story set in a school, we get lots of information on the teachers, and they’re integral to the plot. Whilst nearly all of the teachers have at least one Funko Pop for them, I’ve limited this list to only the very best. Bear in mind that I’m judging this one on the quality of the Pop itself and not necessarily choosing my favorite teachers. For example, I love Professor McGonagall, but unfortunately, none of her Pops stood out to me as much as the rest of the ones on this list.

04 Albus Dumbledore


This is such a delightfully designed Funko Pop! I find this one really interesting because it seems to be based more closely on the book version of Dumbledore than on the movie version. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly similarities between this Pop and Richard Harris’s portrayal of the character, but there are too many differences for that to have been the sole reference. Instead, the figure seems to also capture the eccentric style of Dumbledore that’s described in the books. For me, it’s the perfect amalgamation of both the movie depiction and the book description.

This Funko Pop has Dumbledore wearing a patterned magenta wizard’s hat with a purple rim and gold stars adorning the front. Upon his eyes, he’s wearing his famous half-moon spectacles, a staple of the character. These are painted a bold bronze color that suits his face really well. His long white beard dangles down to his waist, where his hands are clasped around one another. The pose conveys grace and kindliness, an aspect of Dumbledore that I always wished was explored more in the movies.

We see it a lot with Richard Harris’s Dumbledore, but the character becomes more stern and stoic after Michael Gambon steps in. The magenta robes match the pattern and color of the hat, and they’re hemmed with a thick strip of bronze fabric, both across the front of the robe and at the edges of the sleeves. Dumbledore plays such a massive role within the series, so I think an ideal Harry Potter Funko Pop collection would definitely have him in it. I firmly believe that this first Pop they created of him is absolutely the best one.

52 Boggart as Snape

What a stunning Funko Pop! I was astonished when I first saw this Pop, as I think it’s one of the most outstanding designs in the entire Harry Potter franchise. One of my favorite scenes in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is when Lupin teaches the class to defeat boggarts, and Neville steps forward. He has to try and find a way to make Severus Snape appear amusing, and at Lupin’s suggestion, Neville pictures Snape in his grandmother’s clothes.

It’s a hilarious scene and one that’s been captured beautifully here. A stuffed vulture sits on Snape’s head, staring creepily outwards. Another animal (perhaps a ferret?) lies around his neck, and in one hand, he holds a red handbag. He’s wearing a stuffy green jacket with spiders on the front, and a pair of fishnet gloves complete the look. Unfortunately, this incredible Funko Pop was a 2017 New York Comic Con exclusive and is pretty rare these days. If you want to purchase one, it’ll set you back around $70-80 on eBay.

However, if you really want a Snape Funko Pop, but can’t afford that much money, then don’t despair! The 05 Severus Snape from wave 1 of the Harry Potter series is only around $20, and it still looks great. It’s the classic Snape look, with slicked-back greasy hair and long, black robes. The top underneath is an elegant navy blue, and he’s wearing shiny black shoes. He holds a wand aloft in his right hand, ready for any magical trouble that might come his way. It’s an elegant looking figure and would be an excellent addition to your collection.

Severus Snape Funko Pop.
Whilst not as flashy as the Boggart as Snape, this is still a wonderful design. Photo by: Melika Jeddi

07 Rubeus Hagrid

I don’t usually recommend super-sized Pops, as I don’t like how certain figures are arbitrarily bigger than others, and I think it breaks the flow of the collection when one Pop towers above the rest. However, I break this rule for Rubeus Hagrid because he’s actively supposed to be bigger than anyone else, so it really works for his character. At 6″ tall, he stands a good 2″ higher than most of the other Pops in the Harry Potter range.

He was the first and only super-sized Pop I ever bought, and I really like how the scaling works on the design. The body proportions still really work well, although the head is a bit smaller in comparison to the rest of the body than you’d typically see on Funko Pops. However, I expect that was a deliberate choice to exaggerate Hagrid’s sheer size.

Hagrid Funko Pop
Unfortunately, the umbrella broke off on my one, but just imagine he’s holding his bright pink brolly! Photo by: Melika Jeddi

His beard has great texturing, and you clearly see the definition of the spiral wisps of hair, which are shorter and tighter than the hair atop his head. The detailing really gives the effect of Hagrid’s wild hair, and it’s been expertly crafted. The designs of his jacket and coat are also superb. Gold-painted buttons are running all the way up to his jacket, and you can see a coral shirt poking out underneath.

A black belt with a silver buckle gives the appearance of holding the outfit in place. On top of the jacket, Hagrid wears his signature brown coat, which has been molded really nicely. You can see the pockets, the straps on the wrists, and the unused belt around the back. In his left hand, Hagrid is holding his classic pink umbrella (which secretly holds the broken parts of his wand).

This umbrella is beautifully designed, but unfortunately, it’s rather brittle. My figure had the umbrella break off when I transported it to my new home, and so you’d need to be careful with how you stored it if you were moving it. Still, it’s a fantastic Pop for an incredible character.

Hagrid Funko Pop Back
He’s every bit as domineering from the back as he is the front. Photo by: Melika Jeddi

Best Other Funko Pops

So, once you’ve accounted for the Golden Trio and all the teachers, which characters are even left? Well, as luck would have it, plenty! There are heroes, villains, and some who are morally gray. All of them have an important role to play in the series, and so I wanted to showcase a range of characters for this final category. These are but a small offering of what’s out there, but I genuinely believe these are some of the best Pops in the Harry Potter franchise. Which one will be your favorite?

29 Bellatrix Lestrange Prisoner

29 Bellatrix Lestrange Prisoner

Bellatrix Lestrange is one crazy lady, and this is clearly evident in this Hot Topic exclusive Funko Pop. There’s faint pink paint around her eyes, indicating a bloodshot effect and just a generally demented facial expression. Her frizzy hair surrounds her head and dangles in front of her face, and you can easily believe that this is a woman who belongs in Azkaban. Her dress is striped light gray and dark gray, presumably standard issue for the female inmates.

Her bare feet can be seen poking out underneath. However, the coolest part of this Pop is the sign she holds in front of her. Her wrists are shackled together, but her hands are grasped around her prisoner number. It’s a board depicting a mixture of ancient runes and modern-day numbers, her unique identifier at Azkaban. This Pop is based on the image of her that the Ministry of Magic releases after she escapes in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

41 Luna Lovegood with Glasses

Luna lovegood

This vibrant and colorful Pop is a 2017 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. The first thing you see is the pair of striking pink and sparkly glasses (known in the Harry Potter universe as Spectrespecs) that frame her entire face. One of the lenses is bright blue, and the other is a lovely shade of purple.

Below the glasses, you can see Luna’s signature radish earrings dangling from her lobes, a charming touch. Her long blonde hair is styled in a ponytail that dangles down past her waist. She’s wearing a pink button-up jacket, and underneath it, you can see her black skirt, which is covered in colorful paint splatters. Her legs are covered by blue tights, and on her feet, she has fuchsia shoes with purple tips and laces.

Above the shoes, you can see the cuffs of her socks, which are a gradient of neon blues, culminating with black at the top. The outfit does not go together in the slightest, and I love how accurately it portrays Luna’s eclectic style. Unfortunately, it’s the most expensive Pop on this list and will set you back over $250 on eBay.

If you were hoping for a more affordable Luna Funko Pop, then allow me to suggest 47 Luna Lovegood with Lion Head. Coming in at under $15, it’s still a gorgeous Pop, and it’s a lot friendlier to your wallet. She’s wearing the same shoes and socks as in the above Pop, but instead of the black skirt, she wears a pair of purple shorts. Her hair is a much wilder style, but it’s mostly hidden by the humungous lion’s head she’s wearing on top.

Although Luna is a Ravenclaw, she made the hat to show her support for Gryffindor during their quidditch matches. The detail on this hat is phenomenal, and there are orange, yellow, and gold tassels coming off of it. This is a delightful Pop, and whilst it’s not quite in the same league as Luna Lovegood with Glasses, it’s still a worthy addition to your collection.


Question: How Many Harry Potter Funko Pops are There?

Answer: As of January 2022, there are a grand total of 135 Funko Pops in the Harry Potter range. This number accounts for all the individual Pops but does not include Rides, Moments, or Combo packs.

Question: When was Harry Potter First Released?

Answer: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (entitled Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone outside of the USA) was first published as a book in 1997, although the USA release was in 1998. It gained immediate success, with kids globally being enthralled by the magical world in its pages. Its popularity led to it becoming a movie, and the film version was released in 2001.

Question: What was the First Harry Potter Funko Pop?

Answer: The very first Funko Pop released in this collection was the 01 Harry Potter. In this Pop, he’s wearing his standard school clothes – a black robe over a gray top and gray trousers. You can see his tie in the Gryffindor colours of gold and red, and he’s holding his wand at the ready as if he’s about to cast a spell.


So, there you have it! Hopefully, you’ve found at least one new Harry Potter Funko Pop to add to your collection, as there are some incredible designs on offer. I tried to include a range of characters and styles and account for a range of budgets. I know a couple of the items on this list were rather pricy, but if you have the money to spare, I genuinely believe they’re worth it. Harry Potter was the defining series of my childhood, and I carried my love for it into adulthood. Being able to display merch of my favorite characters and moments is such a joy, and I’m so grateful that Funko have created this delightful range.

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