The Most Iconic Hunter X Hunter Posters

I’ve been watching every episode of Hunter x Hunter dubbed as soon as it comes out. I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan.

What’s not to love? From Hisoka’s boisterous personality to Gon’s unstoppable will to find his father.

If you’re a fan of Hunter x Hunter, why not show it off by grabbing an iconic poster? There are various options to choose from, making it tricky to pick out the right one. Read this guide on the most iconic Hunter x Hunter posters available today!

Bottom Line Up Front

Since there are various options to choose from regarding Hunter x Hunter posters, it’s hard to choose a favorite. If I had to pick, though, I’d have to go with the HxH Poster Adult Gon.

***Spoilers ahead in this section***

If you’ve seen the latest season dubbed, you’ll remember Gon going through a transformation to save his friends and the world. He decides to use up all of his power at that moment to beat the ants.

Seeing Gon as an adult with this insane power is incredible, so I had to go with this poster. The yellow color wrapping around his body as he looks at his fist and insane power shows that he’s ready for battle.

My Top Picks at a Glance

  1. HxH Poster Adult Gon-I loves how it shows Gon at his most incredible power. While it was short-lived, it wasn’t forgotten.
  2. HxH Poster Biscuit: I love Biscuit, so I can appreciate anything with her front and center. Her looks are deceiving since people think she’s a weak kid when she’s not.
  3. Trends International X Hunter-Running Key Art Wall Poster-The design of this poster is incredible. You can see anyone; there isn’t any unnecessary shading on the main characters.
  4. Trends International X Hunter-Map Wall Poster-Another great one for any room! The main characters from the show are relaxed and in their usual personalities.
  5. Hunter x Hunter Poster Anime Neferpitou Gon Killua Fight Art Print-I love the style of this poster. Killua is ready for battle as he has electricity coursing out of his body.
  6. Anime Hunter x Hunter Canvas Print Poster-No list is complete without a poster of Hisoka. He’s one of my favorite characters on the show since he beats to his drum. You also get two prints with this option.
  7. RiaPawel Hunter x Hunter Group Anime Poster For Room Wall Decor-It’s incredible how they’ve fit so many characters into this design, and well. You can see each character, and the vivid colors make everyone stand out. Gon is front and center, which makes it even more exciting. Even the lesser-known characters are here too!

Tips for the Reader

It’s a good idea to keep a pen and paper or laptop handy as you write down some of these options. Consider your favorite character from the show as you’re thinking about which poster you’d like most.

If it’s a gift, try to find out who they like the most from the show. Jot down all options, and then it can be a process of elimination to pick out the perfect gift.

Selection Criteria

I’m going through various options to ensure that I find some of the best Hunter x Hunter posters out there. I’m also going off my personal opinion and who I like best. Of course, the most popular characters from the show are also factored in.

Why Should I Buy Iconic Hunter X Hunter Posters?

Fans of Hunter x Hunter will tell you that it’s nice having a poster around their house to show off their love for the show. Even if you don’t personally understand it but are buying it as a gift, your Hunter x Hunter pal is sure to enjoy these.

Where To Buy Hunter X Hunter Posters?

Where To Buy Hunter X Hunter Posters

Some places include Amazon, Walmart, and merch sites. There are some official merch stores with Hunter x Hunter posters as well.

It might be harder to find Hunter x Hunter posters in person. Even if you could, you might be limited on options. I recommend searching online since you’ll have options.

Official Merch Finds

Are you looking for official merch from the show? There are a few different sites with official merch options for you to check out!

HxH Poster Adult Gon

***Spoilers in this section***

I love how this HxH Poster Adult Gon gives you a glimpse of what Gon would be like as an adult. Unfortunately, he has to use up his power to save his friends.

It shows how Gon wants to sacrifice his power to help others. He’s honestly one of the most admirable and selfless characters on any show. However, in this battle against the ants, we saw a more serious side of Gon since we’re used to him being playful and goofy.

This poster depicts his more serious personality at this moment. The colors of this poster highlight his power too.

Check out the yellow that engulfs his body, along with the serious definition of his muscles. I highly recommend this poster as one of the top options since it’s a rare moment in the show.


  • Serious detail
  • Gon in his most impressive moment yet


  • It only shows Gon and nothing else
  • I kind of wish that it showed Gon in battle during this moment

HxH Poster Biscuit

Biscuit is one of my favorite characters in the show. She’s also one of the few females in the Hunter world.

I love how deceptively powerful she is, so I had to go with this poster. The colors of this poster are incredible.

Thanks to her, Gon and Killua were able to train and become much more robust than before. This shows Biscuit in her alter-ego since she rarely changes into her true self.

I enjoy how Gon and Killua are in the background in lighter colors to allow Biscuit to stand out. As a result, her colors are brighter and more visible.

HxH Poster Biscuit


  • A poster of Biscuit
  • Nice that it includes Killua and Gon too


  • I can’t help but wish that it had Biscuit in both of her forms
  • Biscuit is a bit harder to make out since she’s small here

HxH Poster Gon Freecs

The coloring of this poster is fantastic! I love how it has a scene from Gon fishing in the water.

It goes to show you how talented Gon is at many activities. Check out the splashing of the water and how it extends up to the fish.

The smile of Gon and the calming background of the poster can’t be beaten either! While I wish that it had Killua, too, I still love this picture.

HxH Poster Gon Freecs


  • A beautiful picture
  • Gon smiling and relaxing


  • No Killua
  • Seems to cut off above the trees

Character Top Picks

There are various characters in the show, but it mainly focuses on a few main characters. I enjoy how many of these posters incorporate the various lesser-known characters. It makes these posters even more exciting.

Anime Hunter x Hunter Canvas Print Poster

This color, L109, is a two-pack of Hisoka in the middle of battle. Check out how it even has his cards fanned out as he does in battle.

It even shows his demeanor throughout the show well. He’s a more relaxed character who doesn’t get upset quickly.

The colors and how everything is in black and white except him, I appreciate. It makes him stand out with his bold pink coloring.

Anime Hunter x Hunter Canvas Print Poster


  • It shows Hisoka being himself like in the show
  • Shows various facial expressions
  • Hisoka in battle


  • The one picture cuts off his face
  • I’m not a big fan of the bottom picture of him in the background

THINKBEST Anime Gon and Killua Poster Prints on Canvas

All I have to say is wow! This picture is an excellent option for Hunter x Hunter fans out there.

Gon and Killua are often together and the best of friends in the show. Whether they’re relaxing together in Gon’s hometown or fighting the enemy, they’re rarely apart.

Gon’s strength is that he wants to protect those he cares about, and you can see that here. Also, look at his demeanor as it’s more serious than his usual goofy self.

They’re ready to battle together. Killua has his electricity out and is ready to go. I love how they made sure to keep Killua’s electricity bright to stand out in the picture.

Gon has fire next to him which is pretty cool too. Notice how Gon has the fire wrapping around his body as well.

THINKBEST Anime Gon and Killua Poster Prints on Canvas


  • It shows both Gon and Killua
  • A battle scene
  • The colors are bright and stand out


  • I wish that the fire for Gon is brighter
  • The bottom and very top seem to fade out

Unique Finds

I appreciate art when it can be unique and still showcases the different characters. This list incorporates these elements and features excellent options for your home or office.

This is another fun one since it shows various characters from the show. However, since Gon and Killua travel throughout the show, it’s tough to fit every character.

It has a good vs. evil feel to it. The good characters are bright and visible on the right. The evil characters are harder to see on the left.

From the bottom, some of the characters aren’t visible at all. But, interestingly, they have Gon in the middle of this all, which accurately represents him.

Trends International X Hunter-Running Key Art Wall Poster


  • Fits many characters from the show
  • Characters on the right are bright and visible, including Gon in the middle


  • It’s hard to make out some of the characters on the right
  • I kind of wish that the picture didn’t blur characters at the bottom left

Another excellent option for the Hunter x Hunter fan in your life! Gon often travels throughout the show, so this poster is a good representation.

When the characters aren’t fighting, you can see them in their relaxed state. This poster clearly replicates their different personalities in the show.

I love how the title, Hunter x Hunter, is bold front and center. The world in the back is darker to make them stand out more. All of the characters are in their outfits from the show too.

Trends International X Hunter-Map Wall Poster


  • Accurate to the show as far as looks and personality
  • I love how bright the coloring is to make the characters stand out


  • I kind of wish that the title was in a different spot instead of cutting off the characters
  • The background could be blue instead of brown since it looks plainer right now

Hunter x Hunter Poster Anime Neferpitou Gon Killua Fight Art Print

Killua is honestly one of my favorite characters in the show. He has a large amount of growth due to Gon being a positive influence.

When we first met Killua, he was lost and only about himself. He is from a family of famous assassins.

This picture incorporates Killua’s serious power as he harnesses it. You’ll often find him next to his best friend, Gon.

It’s guaranteed that Gon is probably close by as Killua is ready to use his electrical power for good. Check out his nails, too; they come out when he’s prepared for battle.

I love the blue colors in this poster and the black background. However, Killua’s powers stand out even more. His powers are even brighter in color than himself.

Hunter x Hunter Poster Anime Neferpitou Gon Killua Fight Art Print


  • The bright and vibrant coloring that makes his power stand out
  • Black background to help Killua stand out more


  • It’d be even greater if they had Gon in the picture as well
  • I feel like they didn’t have to make his face and hair off-color for him to stand out

RiaPawel Hunter x Hunter Group Anime Poster

RiaPawel Hunter x Hunter Group Anime Poster

This picture is one of my favorites since it showcases various characters, even lesser-known ones. Each character is an essential element of the show and part of Gon’s growth into his powers.

The picture itself is vibrant and colorful; you can see each character well except for a couple on the side who aren’t easily seen.

It zooms right into Hisoka’s tattoo, and Gon is right in the center of the chaos. I love the background, too, how it’s not faint, and it goes with the overall design.


  • Various characters
  • Vibrant coloring to make each character stand out


  • While I appreciate the various characters together, it feels a bit busy
  • Some of the characters are cut off

How To Pick Out Iconic Hunter X Hunter Posters

RiaPawel Hunter x Hunter Group Anime Poster

While it might seem tricky to pick out iconic Hunter x Hunter posters, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re choosing the poster for yourself or another person, think about the best character from the show.

Does your friend have any other merch from the show? Do they prefer official merch, or are they more open to other options?

Some popular options from the show include Gon and Killua. But even with them, people might be mixed.

It’s also essential to ensure that they don’t already have the poster you’re considering. While you can check on or offline, it’s probably the best to check online. This way, you’ll have options.


Question: Where can I Buy Hunter x Hunter Merch? 

Answer: You can find merch from various places, including Walmart, Amazon, and others! There are even various official merch sites too.

Question: How can I Pick out a Suitable Poster for my Friend? 

Answer: Think about your friend’s favorite characters from the show and go from there. Just be sure that they don’t already have that poster!

Question: Should I Shop on or Offline for Hunter x Hunter Merch? 

Answer: You might find that online is a better option since there are various options.

Exploring the Most Iconic Hunter X Hunter Posters

After exploring this guide, I hope you have a better time picking out the most iconic Hunter x Hunter posters. Remember that if you’re giving a poster as a gift, find out who that person’s favorite character is. Maybe they have a favorite scene from the show too.

***Spoiler here***

If I had to choose the most iconic Hunter x Hunter poster, I’d have to go with the HxH Poster Adult Gon. Gon is at his most powerful here, and it’s interesting taking a peek into what he might be like in the future. It’s just sad that he used up all of his power at that moment, but he’s rightfully unapologetic about it!

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