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In this day and age, Billie Eilish is a household name. She has risen to stardom in a relatively short amount of time with her hit Ocean Eyes and new album Happier Than Ever. I am a huge fan and love expressing that through my attire. I find the best way to do that is through shirts. I have compiled a list of my favorites here! 

Bottom Line Up Front

Overall, the best Billie Eilish shirt is one that brings you joy. For me, it’s this Look Away Grey Tee. It’s merch for her latest album, and I love the moody design. 

My Top Picks Up Front

  1. Best Button Up- Billie Eilish Hawaiian Shirt 
  2. Best Tee-Resurface tee
  3. Best Shirt Dress- Encore White T-shirt Dress
  4. Best Long Sleeve Shirt- In my dreams long sleeve tee

Top Tips to Help You Shop

Shop Official Merchandise

A great place to start your search for Billie Eilish merch is her online shop. It offers quite a few shirt options, household décor options, as well as records. It is also great to know that the merchandise is officially licensed if you purchase from her website.

Choose Fitting Fabrics

When shopping for merchandise that is attire, be sure to choose fabrics fit for your desired use. Choose lighter fabrics such as Cotton or Linen if you live in a warmer climate. If you’re in a cooler climate, synthetic fibers, Fleece, and heavier materials may be a better fit for you.

Selection Criteria


While I love shopping for officially licensed merchandise, it can become quite expensive. Typically, for merchandise to be officially licensed, it must pay a portion of sales to the company which holds the licensing rights. This often leads to a significant markup for official merchandise. This is also evident on the Billie Eilish merchandise website.

If you are trying to source more affordable Billie Eilish merch, try checking out your local thrift store or keep an eye out for sales online. You can also try shopping small for merch that is fan inspired instead of licensed merchandise. These options tend to be more affordable and more unique!

In the product recommendations below, you will find the more expensive options in the official merchandise section, with more affordable pieces in the fan-inspired section.


When shopping for Billie Eilish merch, I have noticed that a considerable number of items simply feature her likeness. For this reason, I like to branch out and search for shirts that feature her lyrics or subtle nods to her. I like the uniqueness this offers, as well as the understated designs they usually provide. As an added bonus, these options tend to be more subtle and can be added into everyday style- dressed up or down.

Product Recommendations

Official Billie Eilish Merchandise:

#01 In My Dreams Long, Sleeve Tee

Best for those who love small details

This shirt initially caught my eye because of the detailing. It features the likeness of Billie Eilish as well as her album name, Happier Than Ever, but also some adorable stars on the sleeves and back. This extra artwork on this long-sleeved shirt sets it apart from most, which just feature a design on the front of the shirt. 


  • Wrap-around design on the front, back, and sleeve of the tee. 
  • Available in a wide size range of small- 2X.


  • The high price point of $55.
  • Slow shipping times.

#02 Lost Cause T-Shirt Dress 

Best for those who love the classic comic design

This long line Tee can be worn as a dress. It features a comic-strip style art depiction of Billie. It comes in an understated grey color with black print. This makes it an excellent choice for a minimalistic Billie Eilish Tee. Unfortunately, it is only offered in SM/MD and LG/XL size options. I wish the size range had been extended into at least a 2X option. 


  • Minimalistic design
  • Reasonable price for a shirt dress at $55. 


  • Lacking in size options.
  • Only 20% organic cotton.

#03 Obsession Lime Green Long Sleeve Tee

Best for those who love bright colors

This long sleeve Tee is one of the brightest options on this list. To me, it harkens back to Billie’s style at the beginning of her career. It features three pictures of her with her name across the front of the shirt. 


  • 100% Organic Cotton.
  • Available in size Small- 2X.


  • Expensive price for a t-shirt.
  • Frequently out of stock in specific sizes.

#04 Take a Picture Long Sleeve Layered Tee

Best for those who like a layered look

This T-shirt features a layered short sleeve over a long sleeve tee look. I love its black and white contrasting design, with Billie’s name in block lettering. It is also comprised of 100% organic cotton, which makes it great for comfort and durability. 


  • Pre-layered t-shirt design.
  • Size range of small-2X.


  • Slow shipping time.
  • Only available in one color combination.

#05 Look Away Grey Tee

Best for those who love the Happier than Ever album

This is my favorite pick out of the entire list. I love it because it embodies the feeling I get from listening to the Happier than Ever album. It is also gorgeous in its black and white styling. 


  • Available in a wide size range.
  • Lower priced for her official merchandise at $45.
  • Oversized with a boxy fit.


  • Listed as organic Cotton when it is actually only 80% organic cotton.
  • Frequently sold out of the larger sizes. 

#06 When I’m Away Tee

Best for those who love cartoon style

This dark grey tee features a cartoon girl with a speech bubble stating the lyrics, “When I’m away from you, I’m happier than ever.” I love the uniqueness of this official merch short sleeve t-shirt! 


  • Oversized and boxy fit.
  • Dark grey coloring with minimalistic black print. 


  • Slow shipping.

#07 Blue Photo Tee

Best for a throwback

This T-shirt reminds me of Billie’s original style with neon colors. I love that it features her neon green hair. 


  • Bright Neon Colors.
  • Low price for official merch at $35.


  • Slow shipping
  • Not Organic Cotton

#08 Tear Drop Tee

Best for those who like monochromatic design 

This shirt uses shades of grey to depict Billie Eilish on a black short-sleeve T-shirt. The design is moody and perfect for anyone who loves to dress in primarily black.


  • Low price for official merch.
  • 100% Organic Cotton.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Standard fit, not boxy fit as most of her style is. 

#09 Encore White T-shirt Dress

Best for impressionistic design

This white t-shirt dress is unique in its abstract depiction of Billie dancing. Its adorable design includes stars on the sleeves as well. It also consists of another image of Billie on the back with the letters “HTE,” representing her album Happier Than Ever. 


  • 100% Cotton.
  • Double-sided design.


  • Limited sizes are available.

#10 Resurface Tee

Best for those who love to support a good cause

This short sleeve t-shirt makes merch like fine art. The gorgeous artwork featuring Billie with blonde hair suspended in water is a beautiful rendition. This T-shirt also boasts supporting a great cause as 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Textile Exchange. Textile Exchange is a non-profit organization that focuses on reforming the fiber and materials industry. 


  • Charitable Purchase
  • 100% Cotton
  • Boxy Fit


  • The limited edition nature of the design will only have a finite number to be produced.

Non-Official Billie Eilish Merchandise

#01 Special Edition Billie Eilish Tee

Best for silhouette design

This powdery blue t-shirt features a darker blue silhouette of Billie Eilish. The design comes together beautifully to produce an understated and sophisticated Billie Eilish Tee. The size range tends towards the small side with a range of 2XS to XL. 


  • Beautiful and unique design.
  • Six sizes are available, perfect for those searching for small sizes. 


  • The high price of $34.99.
  • Does not include free shipping. 
  • Only available in one color option. 

#02 Billie Eilish Hawaiian Shirt

Best for a button up

As the only non-cotton option on this list, this shirt offers a pop of uniqueness to the list. I love the burst of color this shirt provides with its pop art Billie and block lettering. I also am impressed with the size offered on this shirt ranging from small to a 4XL. It also allows for the option of a button-up with or without a pocket. 


  • Option to include a pocket or have no pocket.
  • Excellent size range available of small-4XL. 


  • The high price point of $32.99.
  • Does not include free shipping. 

#03 Hot Topic Billie Tee

Best for those who love a girly look

Of all the options on the list, this one is girlish, in my opinion. Featuring a soft blue T and creams, it highlights femininity. I love that it is offered in a wide size range of small-3X. It features Billie’s album name Happier than Ever on the front. 


  • Wide size range of small-3X.
  • Happier than Ever album represented. 


  • The high price point for non-official merch.

#04 Billie Eilish Cartoon Tee

Best for those who like an edgy style

This shirt is a perfect rendition of Billie’s edgier style with lime green writing on a brown t-shirt. While it is priced well below $20, it is only available in a size small. 


  • Edgy style features an often-overlooked color of brown.
  • The reasonable price point of $18.19.


  • Only available in a size Small.

#05 Amazon Exclusive Au Revoir Tee

Best for those who love French style

This t-shirt gives French fashion feelings with its pastel design. It is an Amazon exclusive Billie Eilish merch and is offered at one of the lowest prices I have ever found for Billie Eilish apparel. 


  • Low price points of around $10, depending on color choice. 
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, small-large. 
  • Available in four colors: White, Yellow, Purple, or Light Blue.


  • 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester material.

#06 Billie Eilish Pop Art Tee

Best for those who love pop art

This block tee features four renditions of Billie in pop art. It is a fun t-shirt with a black background. Unfortunately, it is only offered in odd sizing of small, XXL, or XXXL. I would have preferred to see it offered in a size range of small-XXXL. 


  • Pop Art design.
  • Low price of $13.50.


  • Slow delivery times.
  • Only available in small, XXL, or XXXL sizes.

#07 Billie Eilish, Please, You Tee

Best for fans of printed lyric tees

This t-shirt features Billie Eilish’s lyrics, “I never really know how to please you,” on a heather grey background. Unfortunately, it is only offered in sizes small-large. 


  • Edgy design with lyrics.
  • Reasonable price at $28.99.


  • Small size range of Small-Large.

#08 Billie Eilish When We All Fall Asleep Tee

Best for fans of “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?”

This tee is simple in its design which features a quote of Billie’s lyric, “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?” It is perfect for those who love her earlier work and minimalistic design. 


  • Minimalistic design.
  • Soft-style Cotton fabric.


  • Only available in sizes Large or XL.

#09 Billie Eilish Therefore, I Am Tee

Best for a Unisex T-shirt

This unisex t-shirt features a taupe and orange design with Billie Eilish written on the back. It is an excellent option for someone wishing to dress in warmer colors. 


  • Priced well at $29.99
  • Wide size range of small-2X available. 


  • Shipping is not free.


Question: Does Billie Eilish Have a Perfume for Sale? 

Answer: Yes! Eilish Eau de Parfum is formulated to hold an amber gourmand scent with notes of sugared petals, warm musk, and creamy vanilla. 

Question: Does Billie Eilish Have a TikTok Account?

Answer: Yes, she does! You can find her official TikTok account by searching @Billieeilish.

Question: Is Billie Eilish Adopted?

Answer: No, she is the biological daughter of Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell. 

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